Aaron Rodgers Not Worried About Green Bay's Offense

Aaron Rodgers isn't worried about the Green Bay Packers struggling on offense.

The Packers fell to 3-2 after a losing to the New York Giants 27-22 Sunday in London, and the offense wasn't overly impressive.

Rodgers finished with 222 passing yards and a pair of touchdowns and the rushing attack added 94 yards on the ground. The numbers aren't horrific, but Green Bay fans are definitely looking for a bit more.

While fans might be sweating the offense, Rodgers is not. He made it clear after the game that he's not worried and is a "firm believer of the power of words and manifestation."

Is something wrong with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers?

The Packers might be above .500, but the passing game hasn't really put fear into anyone. The most yards Rodgers has passed for in a game this season is 255, and it game in 14-12 win over the Buccaneers. On the season, he's averaging just 231.4 yards a game.

Packers fans are used to watching him sling the ball over the place, but things are a little different this season as Green Bay doesn't have elite receiving options.

The offense has failed to fire on all cylinders, and it's showing on the field. The team is averaging just 19.4 points a game. It's hard to win long term in the NFL putting up fewer than 20 points a game.

Yet, Rodgers isn't worried. He's not even going to manifest the idea that the offense is in a bad place.

Fortunately, three of the team's next four games are against the Jets, Commanders and Lions. If there was ever a time to get the offense really firing, it's over the next month.

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