A Frustrated LeBron James Sends Stern Message To Lakers' Front Office Amid Winning Streak

The Los Angeles Lakers may be on their longest winning streak of the regular season and battling their way back into playoff contention, but that doesn't mean LeBron James has to be happy about it.

In fact, the Lakers' winning ways seem to have only made James more frustrated about his team's situation and the front office in L.A.

The Lakers have won five straight games, including six of their last seven, to improve to 19-21 on the year. They've been able to find something on the court despite Anthony Davis missing time with an injury, and Lebron James is most responsible as he has truly turned back the clock averaging 35.8 points per game during the winning streak.


After the Lakers' 136-134 win over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday, James made it clear that he's frustrated with Los Angeles' front office. He sent a stern message letting the team know he wants to see moves made before the trade deadline.

“Y’all know what the f--k should be happening,” James told The Athletic. “I don’t need to talk.

James isn't getting any younger. This could very well be the Lakers' last chance at making a run at a title with him as the leader of the organization.

“Man listen, I play the game,” James said. “I worry about who’s in the locker room. I can’t—it’s not my … it’s not my job. I can’t do nobody else’s job.”

The Lakers typically do whatever James tells them to do. It's clear he's telling Lakers GM Rob Pelinka to pick up the phone and make some moves before it's too late.

The Lakers still have their first-round picks in the 2026 and 2027 NBA Draft and it's safe to say James wouldn't mind seeing the team part ways with them given that there's a chance he could be retired or playing elsewhere by then.

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