Sports TV Ratings: PTI Returns; Looking Ahead to Fall

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ESPN’s afternoon lineup returned yesterday after months of adjusted scheduling due the pandemic. Most notably, it meant the return of PTI, the top-rated sports show, as a standalone program. PTI had been airing inside the 5 p.m. SportsCenter.

Here were the ratings for the sports programs that ranked inside the top 150, via ShowBuzzDaily:

  1. PTI — 424,000
  2. First Take — 316,000
  3. Around the Horn — 269,000
  4. 6 pm SportsCenter —255,000
  5. NFL Live – 244,000
  6. 1 pm SportsCenter — 241,000
  7. Noon SportsCenter — 234,000
  8. Highly Questionable — 214,000
  9. The Jump — 198,000
  10. Get Up — 178,000
  11. Jalen & Jacoby —158,000
  12. Undisputed — 153,000
  13. The Herd — 100,000

The primary topic yesterday was the Redskins’ decision to drop the team’s nickname.

To no surprise, First Take’s reign as the top-viewed show came to an end the moment PTI returned to the ratings book. Yes, that same, goofy PTI show you watched 15 years ago hasn’t been knocked off yet. It’s also still the genre’s best.

Perhaps, one day, when Tony Kornheiser or Michael Wilbon retire, a different show will take the mantle. By then, though, the market for sports TV shows might truly be dead. (“You mean 424k isn’t dead??”)

NFL Live, again, held up well.

As Outkick has reported, ESPN is discussing moving NFL Live, which currently airs at 2 pm, to 4 pm. ESPN struggles in that block as Jalen & Jacoby has so far been a dud and Highly Questionable doesn’t fit in ESPN’s lineup. It’s also the network’s weakest program quality-wise.

NFL Live quietly performs well but is undergoing drastic changes with a new cast that I have doubts about. The revamped NFL show will feature Laura Rutledge, Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Keyshawn Johnson, and Mina Kimes. ESPN didn’t make the move because the viewers wanted a change, they were watching. The change was made for the show to create more buzz on social media. That it will do — but who cares? Social media is the reason High Noon and SC6 were created; both are now canceled after horrific runs. The new NFL Live won’t rate that bad, but I’m expecting a decline.

With the NBA postseason and NFL season overlapping this year, the traditional NFL Live could’ve experienced viewership growth. The audience will prefer the NFL, but based on the hosts of the general shows, the NBA will be pushed hard. Thus, viewers will turn to the exclusive NFL shows.

The other NFL show to watch this fall is Total Access. NFL Network is looking to overhaul its nightly program with Nate Burleson, as Outkick reported yesterday. Burleson would give the show a refreshing boost. Burleson is yet to make a decision if he will take the job and leave Good Morning Football.

Speaking of this fall, if these shows continue to push social topics and ignore the sports fans, these numbers won’t increase to the level executives hope. The brutal ratings are not just because sports are off. Most of the talk shows only discuss the NBA and NFL, two sports that never air in July. 

Oh, before we wrap up, no one in the cable news department is complaining about yesterday’s results: Tucker Carlson Tonight — 4 million; Hannity — 4 million; The Five — 3.3 million; The Ingraham Angle — 3.1 million; Rachel Maddow Show — 2.8 million.

Disclosure: Outkick’s founder Clay Travis is an on-air personality at FS1.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. Hey Bobby,
    I’m smiling here. Why, you ask?
    Well…because when Jason left FS1 I got an empty feeling. I mean it. And once I heard about Jason joining OUTKICK with Clay that was great news!!! But I really felt like Jason had some kind of connection to both The Herd and to Rachel Banana and Lock It In. Sort of like the glue to connect programming. I’m prolly wacky but I do believe it.
    Colin went woke, proudly proclaiming Pres.Trump is gone in November, and SFY made a BAD decision about Jason — and a great move by Clay and OUTKICK.
    So I have a BIG smile now seeing your reporting on the sports TV ratings.
    I hate to sound crass, but SFY didn’t make your ratings.

  2. Nice article Bobby B. Other than sports or 30 for 30, ESPN is dead to me. SFY is still good.not as good without Mr. Whitlock. Wishing for karma to hit Libtard with a pink slip soon.

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