Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Haley Kalil Tears Up Mexico After Filing Divorce Papers On Ex-NFL Lineman Husband

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Haley Kalil, whose divorce papers from her separation from ex-NFL star offensive lineman are officially filed, is busy this week creating content in Mexico. While some women go into a cocoon and crush Burger King Whoppers while trying to figure out where the marriage went wrong, Haley’s out busting her ass in Mexcio to make money to support her life as a single woman – and apparently crushing burgers.

One look at Haley’s Instagram Story this week shows that (1.) she stopped by a McDonald’s with friends where she dropped a “hell yes” reaction to a massive tray of burgers, fries and McNuggs (2.) she’s enjoying life down in Los Cabos where it’s sun’s out, buns out.

This is exactly how you celebrate a divorce. Don’t gorge on Whoppers at home where it’s dark and dreary. Go to the beach and crush. Treat yourself.

Guys, I know you think this is a great time to slide into Haley’s DMs to shoot your shot with burger pickup lines, but this is clearly a very bad time for you to do such a thing. This 29-year-old swimsuit model is clearly about to have the summer of her life after kicking that ball and chain Matt Kalil to the curb.

Haley got married to Matt in 2015. You can do the math. That’s right, she was in her early 20s and now she’s staring down 30 in early August.

This combination of freedom and an upcoming 30th officially puts Haley on the OutKick pop culture team’s radar for the summer of 2022.

Buckle up, you’re going to start seeing much more of this woman and hopefully her McDonald’s content.

Haley Kalil SI swimsuit model Mexico photos
SI swimsuit model Haley Kalil enjoying some beach time in Mexico / Instagram Story
Haley Kalil Mexico trip
Haley Kalil isn’t sitting at home crushing Whoppers. She’s in Mexico destroying McDonald’s and the beaches / Instagram Story
Haley Kalil Instagram Story divorce
SI swimsuit model Haley Kalil about to crush McDonald’s / Instagram Story

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