Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Hopeful Jena Sims Goes Sun’s Out, Buns Out In Singapore

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Jena Sims couldn’t take a trip all the way to Singapore for this weekend’s LIV Golf tour event at the Sentosa Golf Club without making a little noise. Paulina Gretzky beat her to it and set the tone, but it wouldn’t be one of the best rivalries in golf if the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit hopeful didn’t respond.

And respond she did. Jena shared her own look from the LIV party prior to the golfers teeing off then took things to another level on Thursday. That next level came in the form of a thong equipped bikini.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Jena Sims LIV Golf
Brooks Koepka celebrates with his wife Jena Sims Koepka (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The look proves a few things. One thing that it proves is Jena’s more than ready for the pages of the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Another thing is she’s always prepared to take things to another level.

This is a bikini that gets packed in advance with the purpose of doing damage should the opportunity present itself. She saw an opening and went for it.

Jena’s quick photo shoot on the beach took place in front of a 7-Eleven, where she earned at least one new fan. The not so slick admirer whipped out his phone in order to grab a picture of her, which didn’t go unnoticed.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Jena Sims LIV Golf
Jena Sims has a new fan in Singapore (Image Credit: Jena Sims/Instagram)

Next Stop The Pages Of The Next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Don’t be that guy. Do what adults do and visit Jena’s Instagram, where you can hand out compliments if you choose to do so.

Like this gentleman, who isn’t a creep pulling out his phone at the beach to take a picture. He said, “Someone’s been doing squats.” It turns out he was right, someone has been doing squats.

Jena replied and had a message for all the trolls that flock to her Instagram page. She said, “I’d like to formally invite every troll on Instagram who’s ever told med to do a squat to print this out, and hang it on you gym mirror.”

“Ya girl been doing some squats,” she added.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Jena Sims LIV Golf
Jena Sims responds to the trolls (Image Credit: Jena Sims/Instagram)

Being a top 12 finalist in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s annual Swim Search doesn’t make you immune from dealing with trolls.

That’s not all that surprising, trolls are everywhere. What is surprising is that she reads anything they have to say. That makes no sense.

If I’m Jena I’m staying focused on the battles to be won on the LIV Golf tour.

Written by Sean Joseph

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