Shane Beamer Squashes Haters Who Judge Spencer Rattler Based On Bad Attitude In Five-Year-Old Television Show

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Spencer Rattler is constantly scrutinized for his attitude. Constantly.

The 22-year-old quarterback is entering his final year of college football at South Carolina this fall and he still can’t shake the narratives that have swirled around him since high school. Shane Beamer wants that to come to an end.

Rattler, the No. 1-ranked quarterback in the Class of 2019, has had a rollercoaster career. He began at Oklahoma, redshirted as a freshman, and led the Sooners to a Big-12 Championship and Cotton Bowl win as the starter in year two.

However, after entering his redshirt sophomore year as a Heisman Trophy candidate, Rattler was benched in favor of Caleb Williams after a rough start. Then it was off to South Carolina.

Amidst a disappointing end at Oklahoma, there were a lot of fingers pointed at Rattler’s character. His reaction to Williams’ immediate success was scrutinized. As was his post-win celebration (or lack thereof), and social media activity.

Rattler may have more haters than supporters. A large part of that stems from his role on the Netflix series QB1: Beyond The Lights.

One particular clip, of Rattler in high school, has stuck with him throughout his college career.

No matter how hard Rattler has worked to change the perception, it hasn’t. Even upon arrival at South Carolina, one of the first questions asked of him was about his attitude.

At the end of the day, Rattler has learned to ignore those who doubt him and block out the haters. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t easy to find. They’re everywhere.

Shane Beamer silenced Spencer Rattler haters.

Beamer knows that there are people out there who are not interested in seeing beyond a 5-year-old television show and is set on squashing the negativity. He recently spoke with Adam Breneman about the kind of person that Rattler really is, and was quick to stand up for his quarterback.

If anybody is basing an opinion of Spencer Rattler off that TV show, then God help you. I got the chance to see the kind of teammate and person Spencer was at Oklahoma.

— Shane Beamer, via Next Up with Adam Breneman

Beamer went on to explain how Rattler has matured and grown beyond high school, and how he has grown both on and off of the field. Here are his full comments:

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