Taylor Sheridan’s Gritty CIA Thriller Continues To Prove It’s One Of The Best Shows On TV

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“Special Ops: Lioness” has exceeded all expectations.

The hit Paramount+ series from Taylor Sheridan has released six episodes so far, and despite critics hating it, the show with Nicole Kidman, Zoe Saldana and Morgan Freeman is a huge hit with fans. It tells the story of a young female Marine tasked by the CIA to get close to the daughter of a terrorist leader. It’s loosely based on real programs that utilize female commandos.

You never know whether or not a show is going to live up to the hype when its been crowned as an impressive accomplishment before a single episode airs.

Taylor Sheridan has another huge hit on his hands.

It was obvious from the first trailer that the production value on “Special Ops: Lioness” was through the roof. Of course, fans wouldn’t have expected anything different.

Taylor Sheridan only does things big. That’s why “Yellowstone” and everything else he touches turns to gold.

Well, through six episodes it’s been even better than I expected. Now, with two more to go, it’s time to find out how Sheridan’s latest hit will end. Remember, no spoilers here. We’re not going to ruin the show for anyone.

“Special Ops: Lioness” is outstanding. (Photo Credit: Paramount+.)

“Special Ops: Lioness” is incredible.

What do people love about Taylor Sheridan? Fans love the fact he’s not afraid to get unbelievably dark and raw. It’s what he does best.

The man is a storyteller. Nothing is sugarcoated. If the story calls for pain and suffering, it’s what the audience gets. There are countless examples from his previous works. Monica’s entire arc in “Yellowstone” is one of pain and suffering as a Native American.

It’s not different in “Special Ops: Lioness.” There are some unbelievably dark and sinister moments. There’s an interrogation training scene that is downright brutal to sit through, but it’s necessary.

“Special Ops: Lioness” is a huge hit with fans. (Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Paramount+)

The show, while certainly dramatized, feels authentic. It feels real as we watch Joe (Saldana) try her best to keep Cruz focused and on task.

Furthermore, Sheridan’s writing isn’t preachy. While most Hollywood productions are woke nonsense, “Special Ops: Lioness” and the rest of Sheridan’s work keeps things real.

If there’s a message shared by a character, it’s there because it’s often necessary. Even in “Lioness” when Joe’s daughter starts preaching about race, it’s quickly shut down by her father.

Sheridan knows how to write great female characters.

One of Taylor Sheridan’s greatest skills is that he doesn’t write women to be helpless victims and he doesn’t write them as unnecessary superheroes capable of global domination.

They’re simply real, and it’s no different in “Special Ops: Lioness.” Cruz, Joe and Kaitlyn are all imperfect good guys. All three are flawed but also powerful. You find yourself cheering for them while not thinking the storylines are wildly unrealistic.

It’s amazing at how bad Hollywood is at writing great female characters. Yet, Sheridan does it again and again better than anyone else.

“Special Ops: Lioness” is outstanding. (Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Paramount+)

You’re truly missing out if you’re not watching “Special Ops: Lioness.” I can’t recommend it enough. It’s gritty, dark, sinister and keeps you guessing. It’s impossible to just watch one episode and quit. Not happening. Hopefully, Paramount+ brings fans many more seasons because it’s one of the best shows on TV and proof Sheridan remains unstoppable.

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