Southwest Passenger Refuses To Leave Plane When Ordered & We’ve Officially Reached A Crisis With Women Acting Like Idiots

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Get the hell off the flight, Keri* (I made up that name).

Here we go again with some dumb broad who won’t get off a plane when ordered by flight staff to hit the road so the people actually behaving can get to their destination. This time, according to eyewitnesses, we had an incident on a flight out of New Orleans where some idiot (the Daily Mail says she was “drunk,” but I can’t confirm or deny such allegations) had to be dragged off the plane by cops.

“Get off,” an agitated passenger can be heard saying to the idiot as cops started yanking on the woman.

Keri* wasn’t going without putting up a battle.

“I’m so confused what’s happening?” the woman said to nobody in particular.

Uh, you’re getting handcuffed and possibly sent to jail.

“Can I please have my phone?” she asks.

Keri or whatever her name is wasn’t satisfied with the customer service she was receiving.

“No, I literally need my phone, I paid for that. I’m literally so confused what’s happening,’ she added.

Just last week, some woman held up a Vegas-bound flight while she screamed at passengers.

In May, passengers on a Frontier flight out of Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta were given the chance to vote off an unruly woman by a show of hands. More than half the plane voted for removal, so, according to Newsweek, the woman was shown the door.

Ladies, what’s going on with you and airplanes? Is it booze? Is it your need to ignore authority? Is this for your social media street cred? I don’t get it.

It used to be that the plane fights were horrible, especially when the women started screaming “STOOPPPPPPPP” as alphas were duking it out in the aisles. Now those same bird brains who used to yell “STOOPPPPPPPP” and the scumbags holding up flights.

Call me crazy, but it might be time to hear a presidential candidate say what he or she would do to stop these a-holes from such behavior. Do you start jailing people for 30 years to send a message?

It’s time to have a blunt discussion.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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