South Park Creators Announce Reopening Of Iconic Mexican Restaurant

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South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are reopening an iconic Mexican that has been featured on the show.

The kitschy Mexican food joint was known for its themed decor that included waterfalls with cliff divers. It was also known for serving sopapillas — a kind of fried dough — with every meal.

The restaurant gained notoriety among those who had never been there thanks to South Park. It was featured in the season 7 episode — appropriately titled — “Casa Bonita.”

It was once a chain with locations in several states, but eventually, there was only one left in Lakewood, Colorado.

The company filed for bankruptcy in April 2021, but just a few months later, Parker and Stone announced their plan to buy the restaurant.

Since then the building has been under renovation, but now it has an opening date.

…or at least an opening month: May of next year.

The fellas who gave us not only South Park, but also one of the greatest puppet movies ever made — Team America: World Police — announced the news alongside chef Dana “Loca” Rodriguez.

“I saw a thing in the news about what Coloradans want for Christmas,” Parker said before throwing a shot at the ailing Denver Broncos. “Aside from a new football team and fresh snow, they said they want an opening date for Casa Bonita.”

Get ready residents of Lakewood, Colorado: expect thousands of South Park fans to make the pilgrimage to Casa Bonita beginning in May 2023.

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