College Football Playoff Game Played In Snowy Weather So Cold It Caused Beer To Explode

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Saturday’s FCS Playoff semifinal between South Dakota State and Montana State was cold. So, so cold.

The game, hosted by the top-seeded Jackrabbits, took place in Brookings, South Dakota. It is the fourth-largest city in the state with a population of around 25,000.

Brookings, South Dakota. (Image courtesy: Google Maps)

While there wasn’t any snow on the day of the game, there was a lot of it that rolled through the region in the days prior. Volunteers spent Friday night and Saturday morning clearing the field as best they could.

The efforts helped, but did not rid the field of snow by any means.

It was a certified snow game.

When kickoff rolled around on Saturday afternoon, the temperature hovered around seven degrees. The windchill made it feel like -15 and it did not get any warmer as the game went on.

To help the players from turning into literal ice cubes, both teams had trailers installed on the sideline.

Heaters were cranking on the inside and offered a place for the athletes to try and stay warm.

As the game got underway, South Dakota State jumped out to a 19-point lead at halftime. The elements played a prominent role in the touchdown celebrations as players were sliding and diving into the snow.

If that doesn’t look cold enough, one particular image from the afternoon stood out.

For the brave folks who took in the game from the stands, an alcohol blanket may have been enticing. However, the brewskis never stood a chance.

The temperature was so cold that beers were freezing and exploding. They were undrinkable.

If that wasn’t cold enough, the temperature dropped quickly once the sun went down. It dipped to four degrees with a real-feel of -17 by the time it reached the fourth quarter. Brrrr…….

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