South Carolina Women’s Team Stays In Locker Room During National Anthem At Final Four

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Ahead of Friday night’s Final Four matchup against Louisville, South Carolina’s women’s basketball team opted to stay inside their locker room as the national anthem played ahead of the matchup.

Louisville was present for the anthem. Meanwhile, South Carolina and coach Dawn Staley claim that their decision to sit out the national anthem both at home and away games this season has become their ideal messaging to counter racial discrimination assumed of their nation.

Staley told Andscape‘s Sean Hurd that her team’s directive to stay in the locker room tackles inequalities that the team sees within college basketball.

“[O]pposing teams choose to play the anthem during the time we’re in the locker room, then we choose to stay in the locker room,” Staley told Hurd.

The nation’s top-ranked team in South Carolina went on to defeat Louisville and advance to the championship game. Gamecocks forward Aliyah Boston led all scorers with 23 points; set to face off against second-seeded UCONN for the NCAA tourney title on Sunday.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Inequalities, sweetheart? Sports is a meritocracy and the lack of money and viewership is due to the fact that the product isn’t very good. You are lucky you have this opportunity at all. I cannot wait for the first man posing as a woman to infiltrate WBB. Your protest is pathetic.

    • The negro person that coaches SC is an asshole. This stuff is silly, juvenile bullshit that does nothing. No one pays attention to this nonsense. All these low IQ blacks do absolutely nothing substantive for this country. Bunch of “look at me” children.

    • It`s not about what`s on the court, dumbass. It`s about showing up to pay respect to the country that`s giving you this opportunity. If this were Russia, they`d all be in prison, fool. Maybe if they have that big of a problem with America, they should fucking move there. We don`t need to form another league. We can just ignore these ignorant cunts like everyone else pretty much does.

    • For all the dumb, out of touch, racist comments you supply us with on this site, this ranks right up there with the worst of them. It’s bad enough you’re a Moorish Natiional/Frauditor/Soveriegn Citizen/Communist Voting/Race Baiting/Victim-Race Card Carrying/Keyboard tough guy… just keep coming up with new gems on the daily BDL.

  2. I hope that when/if Griner gets out of Russia she can talk some sense into these people concerning how free they really are. I doubt it.
    Why aren’t these ladies protesting the fact that their sports are being hijacked by confused men? That is a subject that people will pay attention to. I hope Connecticut puts on a clinic tonight.

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