College Football Videographer Caught Taking An Embarrassing Tumble On Live TV Shares The Hilarious Failed Result

South Carolina videographer Richard Houcque was lucky that wide receiver Jalen Brooks couldn’t hold on to a wide open touchdown on Saturday. The Senior Producer for Gamecocks football took a hilarious tumble and would have missed the shot entirely.

Late in the second quarter, South Carolina had the ball at the Texas A&M 45-yard-line. Quarterback Spencer Rattler took the snap, dropped back in the pocket and looked downfield to find Brooks with a step on his defender

Rattler let the deep ball fly, and as it soared toward the end zone, the Aggies defensive back tripped and it looked like Brooks was going to score. However, he could not track the ball, got his feet mixed up and dropped the ball after it hit him in the hands.

Brooks took a scary fall on the play and had to leave the game, but the Gamecocks pulled out a win despite the drop and despite the injury.

South Carolina videographer Richard Houcque was prepared to get the shot, but it did not go well.

As Brooks went up to make the catch, just beyond the end zone behind him, Houcque was ready. He was in the right place at the right time and he was positioned well to capture video of the touchdown.

There were only two problems:

  1. Brooks did not make the catch.
  2. Houcque absolutely ate it.

The SEC Network replay shows Houcque quickly get up off of his knees and move over to get the perfect shot. As he did, his feet completely failed him and he floundered onto the field below.

Had everything gone according to plan, Brooks would have made the catch and Houcque would have captured the perfect shot. Instead, the shot was terrible.

Houcque caught Rattler roll out of the pocket and sling the pill. It was awesome. And then it all went south. Here is the result:

Although it was embarrassing, it could have been much worse. Houcque didn’t have to stress too hard about missing what could have been the shot of the year. Brooks couldn’t haul it in.

Written by Grayson Weir

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