South Carolina Student Finally Reveals Herself As ‘Cocky’ Mascot At Graduation After Two Years On Job

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South Carolina has one of the best entrances in college football, and they definitely have one of the best mascot reveals in college sports.

The identity of ‘Cocky’ is a secret for the duration of the person’s time in Columbia, but once graduation comes around, the reveal is spectacular. It’s a longstanding tradition that the identity of the person under the mascot is a secret until they graduate. The process is difficult, with South Carolina asking the person to keep their true self under the big cocky headgear until the right time.

This comes at graduation, which recently occurred for Sarah Sylvester, who just graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering. For two years straight, Sylvester wore the ‘Cocky’ mascot gear at all sporting events and functions for the school. Can you imagine the amount of times she put on that outfit?

Credit to Sylvester, who had her moment at the South Carolina graduation in front of folks who most likely had no idea it was her the entire time. Now, I am sure her close friends and family knew, obviously. How in the world could she have had enough excuses over the past two years to get out of events?

You can only tell your friends that you aren’t feeling well so many times. When she was telling folks she had to work, I can imagine how shocking it was for some to realize it was her on the 50-yard line during football games as the team ran onto the field.

South Carolina Mascot 'Cocky'
The South Carolina Gamecocks mascot encourages fans during the Sweet Sixteen round of the 2023 NCAA Womens Basketball Tournament held at Bon Secours Wellness Arena on March 25, 2023 in Greenville, South Carolina. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

But, this is what makes the tradition at South Carolina so special. Not only did she pull it off, she also had the chance to reveal her identity in-front of thousands of people. I have a hard time staying on my feet with regular shoes, so I can’t imagine what its like running with those yellow beaks.

A great way for Sarah to end her time as ‘Cocky’. Now the search for her replacement begins.

Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. I don’t know if the identity is a secret as tightly guarded at South Carolina, but the student who portrays TCU’s mascot, Super Frog, traditionally carries the Super Frog head during his or her graduation ceremony. So, perhaps the “mascot gear during commencement” bit isn’t as unique to Columbia as one would think.

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