Wildin’ South Carolina Fan Goes Viral For Appearing To Hold Back Mid-Game Vomit Like An Absolute Champ

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South Carolina football did not beat Arkansas. Nor did the Gamecocks cover the spread.

That didn’t stop their fans from having a good time in Fayetteville. Or, at the very least, one fan who made the trip appeared to be enjoying herself in the stands.

Well, she was, and then she wasn’t, but then she was again.

(courtesy: ESPN)

If you have ever been to a football game in the south during the first month of the season, then you know how brutal it can be. It’s hot, it’s humid, and the sun is beating down on the bleachers below, which turns the stadium into an oven that bakes fans alive.

When you factor in the pregame tailgate and corresponding beverages, 11:00am kickoff, and the lingering hangover from the late night before, it isn’t always fun. The heat takes over and often puts in a whoopin’.

In turn, sometimes, the stomach starts to go, the nausea sets in and it takes a concentrated effort to keep yourself from hurling. We have all been there at least once, if not during every game with the temperature above 80-degrees.

That exact SEC football game situation appeared to play out on Saturday.

During the fourth quarter of what became a 14-point loss for South Carolina, the camera cut to a Cocks fan in the stands. She was excitedly waving a towel around her head when… oh no…

The combination of factors caught up with her.

However, because SEC fans are built different, she paused, took a moment to compose herself, and kept on keeping on like the champion that she is. Take a look:

The game ended in the early afternoon and there are questions that are left unanswered.

Is she okay? Did she go out immediately after? Was a postgame nap in order? If so, will she make it out after?

God bless the SEC.

Written by Grayson Weir

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