Soccer Coach, Twitter Mob Come For Player Who Posted Cartoon Accurately Depicting Influence of Gender Theory on Children

The Seattle Sounders FC head coach and Twitter mob are upset that a star defender posted a political cartoon that depicts the media influencing children with left-wing gender theory.  

Recently, Sounders defender Xavier Arreaga posted an image to his Instagram page that shows two kids sitting in front of a TV that hands a boy a dress and a girl a pair of men’s pants.

Pride rainbows connect the kids to the TV, as their parents are tied to a wall.

Here’s the photo Arreaga posted:


Clever. And, sadly, accurate.

TV channels like MSNBC and streaming services like Discovery+ portray changing genders as a costume, something that’s fun and unique. Impressionable children see it as merely the latest trend.

But it goes well beyond changing clothes. Televised sporting events have teamed up with LGBTQ organizations that promote and perform dangerous sex changes on young children. These effects are permanent and painful.

Arreaga is not spreading political propaganda, as athletes often do. This is a real issue. And its fair to depict the parents feeling hopeless as wacky strangers influence their children.

Yet Twitter and left-wing activist groups don’t appreciate anyone noticing this development publicly. Angry wokes on social media quickly came for Arreaga after his post, calling him transphobic and dangerous.

As radio host Jason Rantz cited, trolls accused Arreaga of inciting “violence.” That’s right — posting anti-progressive messages on social media is an example of violence.

Xavier Arreaga did not last long in the deep end with the woke sharks. Shortly after the outcry, he deleted the post and issued an apology out of fear:

“Dear fans – last night I reported a post of a famous Christian artist in my Instagram stories which at the time seemed normal to me and without thinking that the image was going to cause and hurt the people of our community, which never it was my intention. I want to express that I respect the way of life and thinking of all people. Thank you.”

Of course, apologizing does not work. The thought police see a cave into submission as a sign of vulnerability. It makes them only pounce more aggressively.

As reported by 770 Talk Radio, the Twitter mob demanded more after Arreaga’s apology. Per the outlet:

“I’m not impressed. Pack your bags Xavi,” one tweeted.

“This isn’t an apology and the hurt was genuine despite the intent. He needs to do better and that starts with saying ‘I’m sorry for…,’” another fan claimed, pretending anyone was “hurt” by the opinion.

Another fan claimed that the “Dude’s clearly a homophobe. Pass.”

“We don’t just ‘tolerate’ people from marginalized communities; we embrace them and defend them if necessary from attacks and violence,” another fan said, reminding us he’s a hero protecting minorities from views he doesn’t want us to hold.

The pitchforks scared Arreaga’s coach, Brian Schmetzer. According to Schmetzer, he’ll have a hard talk with Arreaga.

“From a club standpoint, I’ll answer that one too,” Schmetzer said. “A lot of people were hurt about that Instagram post, and they have a right to be hurt. And Xavi apologized. And when he comes back, I will have a good conversation with him.”

People were hurt, huh? How?

Schmetzer suggests he might next put Arreaga in a re-education camp, saying:

“Within the club, we have a really good social, you know, equity network, and he’ll sit down with them and talk things through. And just make sure he understands that what he said wasn’t correct.”

These “equity networks” often tell patients that the only thing worse than a white person is a straight white man. The programs also explain why all jokes are offensive and that feelings are more important than facts.

We hope Arreaga passes the course, nonetheless.

Pointing out that television personalities and educators should not indoctrinate young children with radical gender theory — even in the form of a chuckle-worthy political cartoon — comes at great cost.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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