Sorry For Partying: Nashville Nurse, Roommates Cited For Throwing Football Watch Party

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The Nashville COVID police have officially issued misdemeanor citations to Madilyn Dennington, Bailey Mills and Olivia Noe, all 23, for having a football watch party at their house Halloween night. Dennington, a registered nurse at TriStar Skyline Medical Center, and her roomies had more than 100 people inside and outside their house, the COVID authorities said in their report.

When officers spoke to Dennington, Mills and Noe outside, “they told police they had organized a watch party at their home for a football game, the affidavit states,” according to the Tennessean. “The officers told the women that at that time, no more than 25 people were permitted to gather in Davidson County unless the gathering was approved by the city.”

A Google search shows that all three of the COVID rule-breakers attended Ole Miss. Dennington has done a great job erasing her social media accounts, while the other two roommates have already been laying low.

If you think citing three roomies for holding a Halloween party is nuts, the Nashville COVID police are starting to arrest people for not wearing masks in public. Metro police reported nine citations and one arrest was made for mask violations over the weekend. Those numbers were down from the weekend before, when 17 people were cited and three people were arrested for “blatant refusals to comply.”

As for the roomies and their Halloween party, the only problem you can see coming down the pike here is Dennington’s nursing job. You have to figure the Nashville media outlets are going to turn this into a scene and that TriStar will cut her loose based on optics. That said, think of all the nurses you know who were at Halloween parties. Facebook was littered with nurses going to Halloween parties. Dennington didn’t exactly break new ground here, other than turning their house party into a rager.

In October, certain events (sports, political, etc.) were allowed to have more than 500 people with approval from the city. Football viewing house parties on private property: nope.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Shameful. Nothing beats a new government bureaucracy. The office of Covid compliance. This is nuts. Shame on the police officers taking part. A job is a job I get it. But don’t pretend it’s more than a job.

  2. It’s a shame that a nice city like Nashville has to be run by such a bunch of creeps. But that’s what you get when you start importing large numbers of carpet baggers from the Northeast and West Coast.

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