Some Kid Named George Dominated The Jumbotron At A Red Wings Game

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The news cycle is typically overrun with bad things happening at games. Like a mullet-ed dirtbag taking one to the chops at a Dallas Stars game for instance. However, wholesome things still can happen, as it did with a young fella named George at Saturday’s Detroit Red Wings game.

The camera crew at Little Caesars Arena was scanning the crowd when they came across our protagonist, George.

Turns out it was this little man’s first NHL game and the crowd made sure that he’d never forget it, and that all subsequent games would be “meh” at best.

A+ direction to get the crowd whipped up in a frenzy over our boy George, and then get them to boo at Canucks fans on a dime. Whoever was handling conducted the Red Wings faithful like a symphony orchestra.

But back to the real star, George. First of all, I’m happy to see that we’re returning to an age where youngsters get names like George. There are way too many Aidens, Jaydens, Kaydens, and their respective permutations running around these days. We need more Georges, Orsons, and — dare I say? — Dukes.

This shouldn’t be a shocker given the turmoil the Canucks have been in this season, but the Red Wings won this game 5-2. How could they not? You’ve got the crowd going wild for George who was wearing a Red Wings turn-over chain.

They need to hook George up with some season tickets. If they do that, I can see them making up the 7 points needed to snag the second Wild Card spot down the stretch.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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