Somali Sprinter Goes Viral For Stunningly Slow 100M Performance, Turns Out She Was There Because Of Nepotism

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A sprinter from Somalia has gone viral after she posted a jaw-droppingly slow time at the World University Games in Chengdu, China.

Nasra Ali Abukar represented the African nation in the event. And was part of the field in the 100 meters.

How did she do?

Well, she posted a jaw-droppingly slow time of 21.81 seconds.

It was clear from the start that this Abukar wasn’t bringing speed to the table. She didn’t exactly get the most explosive start out of the blocks and within a couple of strides you knew she was in over her head.

Abukar finished a full 10 seconds behind the leaders in a race that usually only takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 seconds to complete.

Now, Abukar’s performance is being called the slowest 100M performance in international competition history. That sounds a little harsh, but it’s fair when you consider she was practically on the verge of getting lapped in a race that is a straight line and doesn’t even have laps.

Turns Out There’s A Reason Abukar Was There Instead Of A More Capable Sprinter

So how could she have been picked to represent the country? Surely, there was someone with just a touch more sprinting ability that could hold their own in that race.

Well, it turns out she knew someone…

As it turns out, Abukar is the niece of Somali Athletics vice-president Khadija Adan Dahir, and that’s the sole reason why she was picked to compete.

Alright, so maybe she wasn’t the most qualified person to send.

Major mistake. Not only was that embarrassing for Abukar, it makes the entire Somali athletic program look corrupt and incompetent at the same time. Meanwhile, they could’ve avoided the whole fiasco had someone with an ounce of running ability represented the country instead.

Well, you live and you learn. Something tells me that may have been the swan song for Abukar’s international sprinting career.

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