Softball Umpire Says She Was Punched In The Face By ‘Mother Of The Year’

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A Mississippi softball umpire says she was attacked Monday night after working a 12-year-old softball game and was left with a battered face after a woman wearing a ‘Mother of the Year’ shirt unloaded on her face.

Umpire Kristie Moore claims she asked ‘Mother of the Year’ Kiara Thomas to leave the ballpark after using profanity. A coach eventually told Thomas to leave and she allegedly waited for Moore in the parking lot to settle a score, according to WLBT.

And that’s when the alleged beatdown happened.

Mississippi softball umpire punched
Umpire Kristie Moore says she was punched by Kiara Thomas after a softball game / via WLBT

Thomas was quickly arrested, but the damage was done to Moore’s face. The ‘Mother of the Year’ now faces a misdemeanor simple battery charge and has been banned from recreational activities in Laurel.

Moore says it’s pure madness out there at youth sports events.

“It’s ridiculous,” she told WLBT. “The verbal abuse. And even now, the physical abuse now, at this point, and enough is enough. I also staff every USFA tournament in the state of Mississippi with umpires and it gets harder and harder to staff these tournaments because no one wants to listen to the verbal abuse and run the risk of what happened to me happening to them.”

Just last week, in Georgia, a basketball referee was stomped by a gang of youth basketball players who beat the man to the point where he needed to be treated at the hospital for his injuries.

What happens when parents and athletes beat up the refs and umpires?

There’s a shortage of refs and umpires. It’s funny how that all works.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. THIS is a nationwide problem that has been brewing for over a decade. Rec Depts and High School Ath Assoc are having to cutback on sports schedules due to lack of refs and umpires.
    New people are not entering the “profession” and veterans are retiring early due to the increasing verbal and physical abuse. …. It mirrors the lack of civility across our society.

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