USA Is Back In the World Cup, And It's About ****ing Time

The U.S. Men's National Soccer Team is headed back to the Big Dance.

And after an eight-year hiatus, it's about damn time the U.S. is playing World Cup soccer again.

Despite losing 2-0 against Costa Rica on Wednesday night in the CONCACAF Qualifier, the USMNT ultimately saved their bid for the World Cup.

Costa Rica had won six of its last seven qualifiers, and the United States was riding a high on a series of substantial outings.

Robust victories, including a 3-0 victory over Honduras and a 5-1 win against Panama on Sunday, put the American group in a solid standing to walk away with a trip to Qatar.

Even with their sights fixated on the international stage, the U.S. players were brooding on the field after their loss against Costa Rica — a telltale of their acute focus on winning ahead of their World Cup appearance.

Still, the bullheaded attitude taken by this young team should excite the eager American soccer fan.

Led by star player Christian Pulisic, the men's team looks to rewrite the U.S.' history on the global stage for soccer.

Photo: ESPN

Pulisic was part of the men's group that fell short of making the FIFA World Cup in 2017 with a disheartening loss to Trinidad and Tobago.

This time around, the USMNT qualified for their 11th World Cup appearance.

The team isn't fully refined leading up to the Big Dance, with the U.S.' tepid striking position leaving more offense to be desired from guys like Ricardo Pepi.

Heading to his first World Cup is U.S. head coach Gregg Berhalter.

Berhalter, hired in 2018, led the U.S. in their 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup championship over the rival Mexican national team.

Midfielder Tyler Adams is all in on Berhalter's direction.

"Gregg speaks on the fact that, coming into the World Cup qualifier," Adams said, "we really want to rewrite how these American fans view us, not just through our style of play, but our intensity, our commitment, our belief that we want to take U.S. soccer to the next level."

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