Fired For Partying: Madelene Wright Is The Johnny Football Of English Soccer

Full disclosure: Before today I'd never heard of English soccer player Madelene Wright, but I know an internet star when I see one. Wright, 22, has stardom written all over her, especially after making UK headlines as she did today. The news out of the English tabloids is that Wright, who was seen on Snapchat inhaling balloons and pounding champagne in her Range Rover, has been fired by her employer, Charlton F.C., from the FA Women's Championship league.

What we have here is the Johnny Football of English soccer. It's plain as day. Madelene Wright clearly likes to party, and Charlton had a decision to make. U.K. tabloids say Wright's out. The balloons and Range Rover partying was the last straw. Like Johnny Football in Cleveland, things had been building with Wright and Charlton.

"The star had previously been investigated by her former club Millwall after she filmed a friend holding a dog with its paws on the steering wheel while they were driving along a residential road," the Daily Mail reported.

The dog at the steering wheel isn't enough to release a player. It's a learning opportunity for an athlete. The GM gives Madelene a lecture about how PETA's going to go nuts and that the club can't afford bad publicity. Even the balloons shouldn't be enough to get her fired. Maybe those balloons were filled with helium and not with nitrous. Even so, it's not like she was injecting PEDs straight into her bloodstream. We're talking whippets.

As for the champagne, I understand Charlton had to draw a line in the sand. Now Ms. Wright's going overboard. My suggestion here is for her to move to Miami, get way more active on Instagram, hit the party scene and create content. Wright is wasting her prime social media years in the U.K. worrying about a soccer career.

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