Soccer Player Ana Maria Markovic’s Summer Is Off To A Hot Pink Start

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Croatian soccer player Ana Maria Markovic’s season with the Grasshopper Club Zurich came to an unfortunate end in early March due to a knee injury. The injury to her ACL required surgery that has kept her off the field for several months.

The 23-year-old’s time away from the game she loves hasn’t been easy. Since going under the knife she’s been hitting her rehab hard in order to eventually get back on the field.

Markovic wants to get back out there more than anything and has vowed to comeback even stronger than she was prior to the injury. That’s going to mean an offseason filled more rehab and intense training.

Ana Maria Markovic World's Most Beautiful Soccer Player
World’s Most Beautiful Soccer Player suffered a season ending knee injury (Ana Maria Markovic/TikTok)

There’s plenty of time for all of that. First up on the agenda for the “World’s Most Beautiful Soccer Player,” as she’s been dubbed, is getting summer off to a hot start. She has more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram to entertain after all.

Markovic got her summer off to a hot pink start on Wednesday. She was all smiles in a pink bikini at the Laganini Beach Club in her home country of Croatia.

With a pink drink in front of her, Markovic announced that her summer is going to be spent in pink. The caption of the two pictures of her getting in a little rest and relaxation in before getting back to work read, “summer in pink.”

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Sure Markovic’s knee injury ruined her season, but there’s no reason why the knee injury has to ruin her summer too.

In fact, keeping things upbeat and spending time in a bikini is going to be the key to her returning to the field and performing at a high level. If a summer in pink is what it takes then a summer in pink it shall be.

Setting the tone early in the summer is going to lay the foundation for the rest of the offseason. Grabbing a bikini and drink at a beach club is the perfect way to set that tone.

Enjoy your summer in pink Ana Maria. Let’s hope it’s filled with a ton of progress towards returning stronger and more bikini time for recovery.

Written by Sean Joseph

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