Soccer Fans Mock Queen Elizabeth, Chant ‘Lizzie’s In A Box’

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It appears that some of Scotland’s Dundee United soccer fans have had enough with mourning over Queen Elizabeth II.

Before today’s moment of silence honoring Her Majesty, a group of Dundee United soccer fans began loudly chanting, “Lizzie’s in a box.”

It’s now making it’s way across social media:

The interruption happened just moments before the Scottish Premiership match between Dundee United and the Rangers at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. Fans continued jeering while Rangers fans began booing in response, before breaking into a rendition of the British national anthem.

It was also shown on live television.

The woman in the beginning of this clip is straight up APALLED by it. Just look at the disdain in her face. (Meanwhile, the person filming it is losing his damn mind and uncontrollably laughing).

Earlier this week, the Scottish Premiere Football League told soccer clubs that they ‘may wish’ to hold a period of silence ‘and/or play the National Anthem’ ahead of kick-off. Soccer games resumed this weekend after being postponed last week because of the Queen’s death.


Now listen, I’m not trying to make light of this situation. Death sucks. We’ve all lost people and it stinks. I also am not going to pretend to even understand the hundreds of years of history between Scotland and the United Kingdom. But if there was EVER a time when you know you’re not supposed to laugh, but you do anyway… This is it. Because it’s just so absurd.

It’s the perfect example of one of those times where you just look around and you’re like, “Did that just happen?” And you laugh cause you don’t know what else to do.

Even moreso because we know some soccer fans are absolute maniacs. Lighting things on fire, storming the field, rioting. You’ve all seen the photos and videos.

Dundee United isn’t the only soccer team to show some Monarch-backlash. Celtic soccer fans unveiled banners ahead of their Champions League game in Poland this week with one reading, “F*** the Crown.”

Both teams have not commented on their fans actions yet.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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