‘SNL’ Finally Mocks Liberals With CNN Ad Parodying Trump-Obsessed Leftists

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In a stark change in programming, Saturday Night Live (SNL) mocked the liberals whose happiness relies solely on their deleterious hate for Donald Trump.

The segment wisely focused on CNN, the poster child for the above disorder.

Saturday, the program ran an ad for an app called CNZen, designed for “someone whose entire personality is hating Donald Trump.”

“These days, it’s hard not to feel stressed out and overwhelmed,” the ad begins. “Sure, Trump got indicted. But now everyone says the case against him is weak and that he’ll never serve any jail time. As someone whose entire personality is hating Donald Trump, you need more. You need to feel calm and reassured. You need the newest meditation app: CNZen.

“The only app that suits even the most militant liberals. With sensual details from Trump’s arrest, featuring your favorite CNN anchors and correspondents.”

In it, CNZen offers indictment “ASMR”  (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and “audio erotica” from CNN personalities Anderson Cooper, Van Jones, Dana Bash, Wolf Blitzer, and Maggie Haberman.

Even corrupt District Attorney Alvin Bragg makes an appearance.

Here’s the full ad:

The voice-over was a solid touch.

Staggering it is to see SNL take such angle on the Trump indictment saga. Particularly as the variant of Trump hate from which the show suffers is only a degree lower than CNN’s.

See, SNL has withheld from mocking the Left for much of the past year. OutKick recently reported the program has satirized Joe Biden just seven times since he took office over two years ago.

This season alone, the Trump character has appeared as a cold open figure at least six times more than Biden has.

SNL had become late-night TV: left-wing propaganda masquerading as satire.

But perhaps the past episode marked a shift. As per our recent column, the entertainment industry is slowly but effectively undergoing a Woke Reversal.

Could SNL follow Netflix’s lead in rejecting the joke and thought police forces by again catering to the country at large?

If so, the show may just regain its cultural influence.

Never before has there been more fodder for satire.

Our president is a living spoof of a senile sitcom character. Progressives are seeking to turn womanhood into a costume. And part of the country is purportedly fighting racism with overt anti-white racism.

The avenues in which a courageous sketch show could explore are endless.

We hope SNL has the stones to do so, following the success of the CNZen ad.


Written by Bobby Burack

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