Sniper Rifle Mounted Drones Are Here

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Are you in the market for a drone that can fly around your property equipped with a sniper rifle? You’re in luck because we’ve officially entered the era where random guns can be mounted to a drone system from Smart Shooter, a weapons company headquartered in Israel.

In a press release sent out Monday, Smart Shooter introduced SMASH Dragon, an “advanced robotic weaponry payload that can be mounted on different drones and other unmanned aerial platforms.”

The mounting system can handle “various types of assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm, and other ammunition with great precision,” the company announced.

Are you looking to take out moving targets like intruders who have infiltrated your 800-acre ranch, but you can’t cover multiple positions where these scumbag intruders are coming in from? SMASH DRAGON will do the job. Smart Shooter claims the Dragon has a “unique stabilization concept” that incorporates the SMASH technology “that enables the system to accurately hit static and moving targets while flying.”

Assault weapons, sniper rifles, 40mm grenade launchers, and other weapons can be mounted to the SMASH Dragon / via Smart Shooter

The technology on this drone system is so advanced that you can sit inside your 15,000 sq. ft. ranch headquarters and pick off scumbag intruders in Toyota Tundras while watching the NFL playoffs.

“Featuring SMASH’s proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms as well as sophisticated computer vision capabilities, the remotely operated SMASH Dragon Offers the SMASH technology’s fast and precise hit capabilities and other exclusive benefits while engaging targets from the air,” Smart Shooter says.

SMASH Dragon sniper rifle-armed drone from Smart Shooter

Is it possible we’re at the beginning stages of wars that will be fought between robot dogs equipped with sniper rifles vs. sniper rifle drones operated by fat slobs watching porn in their bedrooms?

It’s sounding like it.

Is it sounding more and more like the wars of the 2050s will be fueled by weed and Doritos? Yes.

Buckle up, old-timers. You’re going to be left yearning for the old days of war once the fatty, weed-smoking video game players get their hands on these new toys.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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