Snake Crawls Up Your Toilet, How Do You React?

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I’m sure those of you in the south have all sorts of stories about how you have had snakes crawling up your plumbing and into your toilet bowl. Since some of us live where it’s not very common to have a snake cruising up through the flange looking for its next meal, I thought it would be smart to address this situation posted by New Orleans meteorologist Payton Malone who says his friend in Texas recently had a visitor.

Twitter experts think that’s a rat snake poking its head around the bowl. Google experts say rat snakes are harmless to humans and kill by constriction, so there doesn’t appear to be any clear and present danger here of instant death if this thing bit you while sitting on the can.

Things could always be worse like 2016 in Thailand when a python bit a guy’s penis or in Australia when a resident found a 10-foot python curled up in the can. Experts say most of the time snakes will find an opening in a sewer line and go looking for mice and other rodents only to find themselves slithering up into your toilet bowl.

As for what to do with the snake after you’ve used a 60-degree wedge to get it out, you might want to take it to a nature reserve. Or in the case of Payton’s friend, release it back into your yard and let it kill more mice. I’ll trust the person who got this snake out of the toilet with whatever release program he/she thinks is appropriate.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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