Sky Shook: Abdul-Jabbar Calls LeBron’s COVID Post ‘Blow To His Worthy Legacy’

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For the second time this month, LeBron James’ actions have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stewing. The cranky 74-year old took issue with James’ Christmas Eve Instagram post that mocked the seriousness of COVID, while comparing it to a common cold and the seasonal flu. Kareem called James’ IG post “a blow to worthy legacy” and insinuated that James could save lives, “especially in the black community,” by knowing the difference between COVID, a cold and the flu.

“By posting the uninformed meme, LeBron has encouraged vaccine hesitancy which puts lives and livelihoods at risk,” Abdul-Jabbar said via his Substack.

Kareem was initially miffed at LeBron in early December when he said the Lakers’ superstar disrespected his opponents by doing a “stupid, childish” dance on the court. Now, he’s pivoting his anger from LBJ’s dancing to his stance on COVID.

“The meme’s implication is that LeBron doesn’t understand the difference among these three illnesses, even after all the information that’s been presented in the press,” said Abdul-Jabbar via SubStack. “Well, since he asked, let me help him out by explaining the difference—and how knowing that difference might save lives, especially in the Black community.”

Kareem went on to say that not only was James’ meme “uninformed,” but also added that James should be promoting the vaccine. He did so while clumsily attempting to relate racism with the vaccine. “While LeBron is a necessary and dynamic voice critical of police brutality against the Black community, he needs to be the same necessary and dynamic advocate with vaccines, which could save thousands of Black lives right now,” wrote Abdul-Jabbar. “The racism is just as real—and just as lethal—in both cases.”

While in college, Kareem notably changed his name from Lew Alcindor. After the month he’s had, it may be time for another change.

Karen Abdul-Fauci would seem to fit.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Dude, can we stop with the notion that these celebrities can be saving lives by speaking out??

    FFS, we are all adults. If you need LeBron fuggin James or Spider Man to tell you to wear a seatbelt or take a vaccine you’ve already lost.

  2. While in college, Kareem notably changed his name from Lew Alcindor. After the month he’s had, it may be time for another change.

    Karen Abdul-Fauci would seem to fit.

    Comments like this should be beneath you…..This is why the “Left” likes sports “It’s the one time we can get to conservatives and they can’t hide” … Keep talking

  3. These vaccines are so highly effective at stopping Covid that people must still be threatened, shamed and intimidated into taking them. Here’s how effective they’ve been, so I have no idea why people aren’t buying it.

    2020 – No one vaccinated, 385,000 dead.
    2021 – 200+ million vaccinated (allegedly), 425,000 dead.

  4. Possibly the worst thing about our advancements in communications is that it allows complete idiots like Kareem a platform to say completely idiotic things. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is smart enough to ignore him.

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