Skip Bayless Says He Heard Black Players ‘Turned On’ Baker Mayfield Over Odell Beckham Jr.’s Departure

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FS1’s Skip Bayless says that the black players on the Cleveland Browns have turned on quarterback Baker Mayfield.

On Friday, Bayless cited a source who told him Mayfield lost the support of his black teammates after the Browns moved on from Odell Beckham Jr. earlier in the season.

“I have a very good source there, who told me that several of the black players, the better black players —  let’s call them the black leaders on the team – have turned on Baker because they love [Odell Beckham Jr.],” Bayless said on Undisputed.

“They just blame Baker for Odell’s departure,” Bayless continued. “Like, ‘We lost him because of you?’ In the end it came across like you couldn’t click with him and he had to go and now he’s a Ram. …They’re in awe of his talent, obviously. It didn’t reach fruition with Baker, for whatever reason.”

It’s unclear why the skin colors of the players would determine which side of the Mayfield-Beckham saga they are on. Unless, of course, players are taking sides based on race.

Ahh, but that appears to be what Bayless is suggesting: that black players, which make up most of the team, feel obligated to side with Beckham because he’s black and Mayfield is white.

So in 2021, professionals were forming civil wars inside the workplace based on skin color. Think about that — it’s disturbing. Racist, even.

More to the point, no one in the media will condemn this way of thinking. Most likely, sports media figures of all races will take Beckham’s side to show they support a black player over a white player. Everyone has to prove they are not racist, right? Even you.

Ultimately, it does not matter who was right, Mayfield or Beckham. And based on their personalities, they were probably both responsible for their lack of success together. Instead, it sounds like only their races matter. Stunning.

We are becoming a more racist country as influencers fight perceived racism with overt racism. And sports are often the leader in that twisted — and racist — logic.

Skip Bayless concludes that the Browns locker room is no longer a happy place because black players don’t like a white player.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Waiting for the Resident Racist Glenn “Ball Don’t Lie” Williams-Washington to tell us yet another time how awesome his big black daddy Le-Fraud China Boy James and the rest of the black players are in 3… 2… 1…

  2. Spot on Bobby. Sad state of affairs. You nailed it in that 99% of the media will take Beckham’s side because it is now a racial issue. Leave it to Bayless to do whatever it takes for ratings. Fake racism sells big time! Just ask that 1619 Project chick and Talcum X.

  3. They’re in awe of his talent? If that’s the case why isn’t he blowing up in LA. He’s had one spectacular catch and then a bunch of knuckle head moments like proposing to a kicking net. He’s not worth the headache if you ask me. He should be catching 100 balls a year for 12-1500 yards and a bunch of td’s but he ain’t. That not Bakers fault. It’s Odell’s. He’s been a major disappointment. Could have been a Randy Moss type receiver instead he’s more like AB.

    • Exactly my thoughts. He hasn’t been the same since the hip injury and knee injuries he had. Those are devastating to a big time WR. He’s nowhere near what he used to be in NY and people don’t seem to realize the last time Odell scared a defense was 5 years ago. He’s just in denial that he’s a #3 WR now.

  4. Let’s hope this is not the case because if it was a civil war inside the locker-room the white players can’t win when 90% of the team is black. Skip is full of it. That’s not the way sports work. That Maga shit doesnt work in sports because eventually you have to step in between the white lines then all bets are off.

    I think Skip is full of crap like the above comments. IJS

  5. We are becoming a more racist country

    More racist than days before the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Acts of the 60’s? Bobby you sound stupid as hell. And you probably wrote that BS with a straight face too. Damn you guys are fragile AF

  6. We are becoming a more racist country as influencers fight perceived racism with overt racism. And sports are often the leader in that twisted — and racist — logic.

    All this while they are sending the McMichael rednecks to life in prison for killing Ahmad Aubrey

  7. Okay, if you just watch Beckham play he’s clearly nothing like what he was in NY when he actually was the best WR in the game. That was FIVE YEARS AGO. He’s a good #3 receiver now, a borderline #2 , still has good hands, has a knack for getting open, he’s lost a step or two. He’s not scaring opposing defenses anymore. That’s why he’s not getting the ball. He’s just not that good anymore after multiple injuries. Why no one will just say that when we can see it, I have no idea. He’s the equivalent of Clayton Kershaw in the NFL. He used to be great but now he’s a fourth or fifth starter. If he was truly a game breaker he’d be showing it in LA. He’s not. He’s not playing much different there, isn’t being targeted any more than in Cleveland, just caught some TDs in a good offense. He’s just not that good. There, I said it.

  8. So sad you can’t even enjoy football without “RAYCISM”.

    I bet 90% of players around the country–from middle school to college–would say as long as a guy was on your team, he was your teammate and brother, black or white. It was thus in my redneck hometown, we had ( a small few) black guys along with mountain boys and it was all good with us and we would even joke about black v white.

    Goodell and woke asshole sportswriters have ruined the League. Still love the game but politics has made it almost unwatchable.

    Damn this country has taken a nosedive.

  9. Why would anyone be surprised? 25 years ago, on the HBO series “Inside Sports” Bryant Gumble interviewed an NFL RB who said black players play harder for a black head coach.
    Ex President Obama helped fan the flames, and race relations have suffered even more. This is NOT to say it’s endemic on all teams. But the acceptance of BLM influence by The NBA, NFL and MLB is troubling. OBJ could shut this down in a minute. That he hasn’t speaks loudly.

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