Skip Bayless Says Wife ‘Fears’ Charles Barkley Will Kill Him. No, Seriously.

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TV tough guy Skip Bayless says his wife is losing sleep and living in fear of Charles Barkley.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Ernestine Bayless actually thinks that Sir Charles — who, like her husband, is paid handsomely to drum up content on TV — will somehow morph into Charles Manson and wipe Skip out of existence in an act of violent rage.

The reason? Because Barkley, like most of America, isn’t a fan of Bayless’ scorching hot takes and head-scratching opinions.

“If that were Charles’ goal from the start, if that was his goal, then I congratulate him,” Bayless said during a recent episode of The Skip Bayless Show. “Because he wins on this one. He has hurt my wife deeply and she has lost much sleep over this.”

For more than a decade, Barkley has blasted Bayless in jest for his horrible opinions of LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers and other star athletes. But no one outside of the Bayless household has ever taken Barkley’s “threats” seriously.

Or at least we didn’t think they had. But it turns out, we were wrong.

“My wife Ernestine has believed for 15 years that Charles Barkley is nothing but a sick individual,” Bayless said.

That’s an awfully lonely hill to die on, ‘Stine!

Heck, I can’t believe the Baylesses even leave the house with the threat of a villain like Charles Barkley roaming the streets, seeking death upon anyone who speaks sideways of LBJ or ARod!

“To her, he is just pure evil, that he is depraved, that he is a scumbag and she believes or fears that one day, Charles will somehow ― maybe unwittingly or maybe wittingly ― inspire some other nut to end my life,” Bayless added. “And this haunts her, this hurts her, because she believes that in the end, Charles Barkley would have my blood on his hands.”

If you didn’t already know, the only nut in Bayless’ life is Ernestine. And that’s undisputed.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I was going to post on your Facebook post of this article, but would have certainly been given a 30 day suspension if NOT provided with the Donald Trump treatment of lifetime ban.

    Skip Bayless is a pussy. No man would admit this in the media. Barkley wouldn’t hurt a flea.

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