Sister Jean’s All Vaxxed Up & Feeling Frisky Enough To Attend March Madness

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March Madness might not have Coach K or Coach Cal, but it’s getting a shot in the arm in the form of Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt from Loyola-Chicago, who’s all vaxxed and in the mood to make the trip down I-65 to see her boys play in the NCAA Tournament, the school announced Tuesday.

Many college basketball observers figured 2018, when the Ramblers made the Final Four, would be the last time Sister Jean would be in the national spotlight. Nonsense! She’s back and about to become a CBS darling yet again. You pump the vaxx into her shoulder, and she’s not turning down a wild college basketball weekend down in Indianapolis.

“They said there’s restrictions,” Sister Jean told the Chicago Tribune. “You can’t run down on the court. You can’t talk to the young men. I said, ’I’m not going to run down on the court, and I’m not going to cause any disturbance.’ I said, ‘I won’t do things I’m not supposed to.’ ”

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After being denied the opportunity to hit up St. Louis for the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament, the 101-year-old put her mall walking shoes down on the throats of Loyola’s staff.

“She didn’t go to St. Louis, and she was so mad,” Loyola coach Porter Moser said told ESPN radio. “She said, ‘Porter, I looked them in the eye and said I’m more healthy than you. I have my vaccination. I’ve been tested 30 times.’ She’s on it. I’m just telling you, I’d put my money on she’d be in Indy.”

Just look at all this content Jim Nantz has to work with when the tournament tips off. CBS had no choice but to have Jim work the Loyola-Georgia Tech matchup Friday. Think about the drama in that one. A win means the Ramblers get Illinois with a shot at the Sweet 16. Sister Jean will get the Nantz A-team for the 4 ET Friday afternoon game, but it will be shown on TBS.

Let’s check in with Jim Nantz thinking about Sister Jean vs. Illinois and the ratings number CBS would do in Chicago:

Jim sitting through the production meeting thinking of how he’s going to weave all this Sister Jean content into one broadcast:

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  1. Unfortunately, and I hate to go against sister jean, her trip will be a one-day affair. They are going up against a criminally underrated team who actually played against good teams this year. The only time Loyola played a good team, Wisconsin stomped them.

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