Sinkhole Swallows Part Of Utah Golf Course, Wild Man Sits On The Edge Of It: Video

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Next time anyone says golf isn’t eventful, just show them this video of a ginormous sinkhole appearing on a golf course in Utah.

The wild situation took place at Fox Hollow golf course, and thankfully someone was able to capture the entire thing on video and lived to tell the tale.

Jake Ebert posted the now-viral TikTok and was one of four teenagers who happened to drive by the sinkhole over the weekend.

In the video, you can see the fast-paced water underneath the turf literally washing away pieces of Earth. This didn’t keep Ebert from making the very bold choice of sitting on the edge of the grass as it was being washed away.

“So today we went golfing out in Utah with the boys,” Ebert said, according to the NY Post. “And as we are carting, we come right up on this sinkhole in the middle of the course on par 3 and you can tell it is literally washing away as we go.”

“It didn’t seem scary to sit on the ledge at the time but later watching the video back it was kind [of] insane,” Ebert continued.

The person filming the video nearly took a tumble into the hole as the turf washed away, which forced Ebert to quickly get up and move away.

Ebert posted a follow-up video, and while the initial hole was not small, a second look later one shows that it had quite literally swallowed a chunk of the golf hole.

According to Fox Hollow’s head professional, the club believes the sinkhole was caused by a tree from the nearby American Fork River.

“We think a tree from the river got jammed into our pipe, and the water expanded through the pipe, and that’s what caused that,” Taylor explained. “They removed that, so it’s at least flowing right now, so it’s not overflowing. There’s a little bit that got out on the golf course, but it’s all dried up now.”

The club has had to close two holes thanks to the sinkhole eating up a portion of the course.

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