Simone Biles Pulls Out Of Gymnastics Team Final At Olympics Due To Apparent Injury

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Simone Biles is an important piece in Team USA’s quest to land its third consecutive gold medal in women’s gymnastics. She’s one of the country’s top athletes and has constantly been put on display time and time again.

Unfortunately, the United States will be without her for team finals due to an apparent injury. Here is the official statement released by the Twitter account of the USA Gymnastics squad:

Simone Biles has withdrawn from the team final competition due to a medical issue. She will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions.”

Biles was removed from competition on Tuesday after an awkward, low-scoring attempt on the vault, according to Dan Wetzel with Yahoo Sports. She suffered an awkward landing and was in tears as she left the mat. She soon returned, which led many to believe that she would continue.

Instead, she is now done.

One part of Wetzel’s piece that stands out is a report from NBC issued immediately after Biles left the first time:

She did not appear to suffer any obvious physical injury during her attempt. NBC reported that she was dealing with a “mental issue” not a physical one.

That report made sense at the time because she had just briefly returned with wrists wrapped, ready for the uneven bars. It’s also possible she had sustained an injury that wasn’t apparent to spectators, and Biles didn’t trust that she could continue.

Either way, it’s a big blow to the U.S.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. The biggest medical issue this confused brat has is mental health – identity issues. She has chosen to but into the Leftist ideology believe she is a victim and has chosen to hate the country she is there to represent. She has chosen to believe that she is incapable of winning because the invisible boogeyman Institutional Racism will never let her win. Until she gets her mind right and gets comfortable with her own identity and recognizes that opportunities are everywhere and stops focusing on obstacles (mostly imaginary) she will never be able to beat a self-confident opponent.

    You will never be a real winner unless you leave the Plantation, Simone.

  2. It is well known Simone is a practicing Wokester, but she was a world class athlete. I hate to see her legacy scarred by injury or mental fatigue. Regardless, I wish her well. If indeed the wokester devil overtook her, this would be another example of wokesters, ruining everything and changing nothing. Either way it is a sad chapter.

    • Thank you. Kerri Strug courage, strength, inspirational. What the Olympics used to be have no resemblance to the modern day games. What we have today is a dedication to evangelical stupidity rather than dedication to sport and country. America Matters

      • Yes, meanwhile the media will fawn over Simone (like they did with Naomi) for her bravery. Imagine Michael Jordan or Tom Brady giving up near the end of a game because of the pressure. Everyone’s a freaking victim in today’s society.

  3. Quitter. Wow quitters get so much love today. I have been teaching kids all wrong since they were babies. Just quit and wait for someone else to finish for you. It easier and hey the government gives free shit all the time.

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