Shocker: It’s Safer To Be Outside, As Experts Say Nearly 100% Of COVID Cases Spread Indoors

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The more health experts learn about COVID-19, the more they seem to refute what they previously told us was true.

The latest involves the virus and how safe it is to be outside. And the answer is it’s about 100% safe to be outside, where there is very little chance of spreading or contracting the virus, according to a report from The Washington Post.

Per the Post, scientists and health experts are now saying that “the outdoor spaces warming under spring sun should be viewed as havens in the battle against coronavirus and restriction-induced fatigue.”

The report went on to say that nearly all cases of COVID are spread indoors. Interestingly, this news follows a CDC statement that indicated it is highly unlikely to pick up the virus from touching contaminated surfaces.

“For more than a year, the vast majority of documented coronavirus clusters have been linked to indoor or indoor-outdoor settings — households, meatpacking plants, nursing homes and restaurants,” the Post reported. “Near-absent are examples of transmission at beaches and other open spaces where breezes disperse airborne particles, distancing is easier, and humidity and sunlight render the coronavirus less viable.”

So go ahead. Pack the stadium. Hit the beach. Fly a kite. Because today, it appears even those who are terrified of the virus can finally feel safe breathing, ya know, fresh air.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Just wait until they revert back to what they originally said about masks and find out vaccines don’t work either (because whatever is in them isn’t intended to stop viruses). But then again when this was about taking down Orange Man and his Mean Tweets they didn’t need to use actual science.

    Basically whatever is known about viral theory is sketchy at best. Now if you are talking about bacterial infections…that’s a threat.

  2. Does that mean all those virtue signalers out there riding their bikes through the park can now take their masks off?

    I saw this guy that had to have been in his 80’s huffing and puffing through the Lincoln Park Zoo parking lot while wearing a mask. He was walking alone, outside, on a warm late winter day while struggling to breathe.

    I see anecdotes all the time with supposedly, some young surgeon claiming that the mask doesn’t impede their breathing at all during a long surgery.

    That is a straight-out lie. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that it prevents the spread of a virus but it doesn’t make it harder to breathe.

    My daughter’s friend (silly liberal for now at least) was wearing 2 masks during a workout and her Apple Watch started to alarm warning her that her oxygen level was getting dangerously low.

  3. Yep.. Covid on surfaces debunked. It may take some time, but the holy grail of masks may also end up on the scrap heap. Also add in the way Covid cases are tabulated. It has been established for some time that hospitals get thousands in research dollars for each Covid case. Coincidentally, the flu stats plummeted in 2020 and the overall rate for all causes of death did not change significantly. The whole thing smells.

  4. Not here in the People’s Republic on Minnesota. College basketball players play mask free but a college baseball pitcher 60 feet from another human in unlivable temperatures dons a mask. For safety of course.

  5. Shocker: the China virus is a totalitarian lie aimed at destroying any semblance of individual liberty on planet earth!

    The CDC nor anyone else can isolate the supposed covid19 virus. This is 100% fact. This also 100% means it would be IMPOSSIBLE to create a vaccine for. The human population is being injected with an experimental gene therapy. Period. Very oddly pushed by a freaking computer geek aka Bill Gates. That alone should sound the psycho alarms. 100% of it is nefarious and evil.

  6. 50 years ago we would all be on boats on our way to China to not ever let this happen again, now we listen to Fauci tell us to wear masks indoors, shut down all business, and basically stay prisoners in our homes.
    Could you imagine if China invades Poland or Japan were to bomb Pearl Harbor now, I think Washington DC would surrender instantly and we would have a full Red Dawn moment with the free states (states that apply 2A).
    I remember growing up and seeing signs everywhere- America Love it or Leave it!
    This would of course be racist today.

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