Shedeur Sanders Behaves Like A Child During Pregame Interaction With Nebraska Player

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Shedeur Sanders displayed some clown behavior prior to Colorado dominating Nebraska.

Shedeur, his dad Deion Sanders and Travis Hunter blew the doors off down the stretch against the Cornhuskers to win 36-14.

It’s becoming clearer and clear that Colorado is the real deal, and Shedeur is a huge part of the team’s 2-0 start.

He threw for 393 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for a touchdown Saturday. The man was unstoppable.

Shedeur Sanders and Colorado dominated Nebraska in week two. (Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Shedeur Sanders flashes watch to Nebraska player.

Unfortunately, Shedeur Sanders also showed some serious immaturity prior to the game. Nebraska players were gathered near midfield to get things rolling, and Deion’s son decided he’d try to put an end to it.

At one point, Shedeur was filmed flashing a watch in the face of a Nebraska player. To be clear, the player didn’t appear to ask to see it.

While rocking out with some headphones on, the Colorado star just lifted up his wrist and shoved the watch in the young man’s face. It was a wildly bizarre and childish move, and he didn’t even look confident while doing it! He looked like he wasn’t sure whether or not it was a cool move.

Shedeur should be much better than flashing a watch.

This move should be below Shedeur Sanders’ stature. The young man has been unstoppable in his first two games with the Colorado Buffaloes.

He lit up TCU and proved that wasn’t a fluke by destroying Nebraska. Colorado, Shedeur, his dad, Travis Hunter and the entire program have become unbelievably entertaining to watch (no pun intended).

Shedeur Sanders flashed his watch at a Nebraska player prior to blowout win. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Why did he feel the need to flash his wristwatch to someone? That just screams that he’s insecure and needs attention. Here’s a little newsflash for everyone out there. I might be a blue-collar kind of guy, but I have met one or two people who have earned a couple dollars.

They don’t behave like this. Flashing a watch, jewelry, a car, etc. is a sign of someone with new money. Look at the way Elon Musk dresses. You see chains, designer clothes, huge watches and other fancy stuff? No, the dude walks around in t-shirts.

Shedeur Sanders has been dominant through two games with Colorado. (Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Furthermore, it’s just a very embarrassing thing to do. It’s clown behavior and the man who is the face of the program should be better than that. Don’t ruin an incredible game with childish and immature behavior.

Written by David Hookstead

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