Shaq Pays His Dues, Eats Frog Legs After TCU Loss To Georgia: Watch

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Shaq was high on the TCU Horned Frogs ahead of the national championship game on Monday night. On Thursday night, he was simply full of frog.

The former NBA big man made a bet with co-host Ernie Johnson ahead of the title game between TCU and the Georgia Bulldogs. Johnson, a graduate of Georgia, went with his Dawgs while Shaq rolled with the Frogs.

Shaq was so confident in TCU that he looked his co-host in the eye during ‘NBA on TNT’ and said “if Georgia beats TCU I’ll eat some frogs.”

Well, Georgia eviscerated TCU, but credit to Shaq because he paid his dues during Thursday’s edition of the show and scarfed down some frog legs.

For anyone out there who has never seen fried frog legs and is thinking ‘hmm, those look like chicken wings,’ you’re not wrong. Not only do fried frog legs look like chicken wings, but they also taste like chicken as well.

I speak from experience. The big difference between frog legs and chicken wings is that frog legs aren’t really worth the trouble. There is far less meat on a frog leg than on a chicken leg, also, why bother with a frog leg when you can go buy chicken wings at any grocery store?

The frog legs Shaq devoured on television actually looked appetizing, and the big man seemed to enjoy them.

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