Shaq Admits Pettiness Following Steph Curry’s Record

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Shaquille O’Neal has some of the most creative nicknames in sports: The Big Aristotle, Shaq Daddy, Shaq Diesel, and The Big Shaqtus among them. On Tuesday night, he added another one to the list, and it may be the best of them all: Petty White.

O’Neal, the only person on earth who can get away with giving himself a nickname, did it again following Steph Curry’s record-breaking game.

“I’m Petty White. I would have a problem saying someone else is a better big man,” Shaq said via TNT’s broadcast. He also went on to label Curry “the best shooter ever.”

Shaq was joking about his own pettiness with Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, two retired NBA sharpshooters who were on hand to watch Curry break the NBA’s record for most career 3-pointers. Prior to Tuesday, Allen held the record and Miller was in third place, but then Curry drained another five and overtook Allen for the lead. Both Allen and Miller were supportive of Curry’s accomplishment, even celebrating with Steph before, during and after the game.

But not Shaq. Shaq is so petty that he resents a guy who plays an entirely different position breaking a record that Shaq himself never held.

“To see those guys celebrate with him is just an honor. To hear Reggie say so reluctantly, ‘Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all-time.’ I’m Petty White. I would have a problem saying someone else is a better big man,” O’Neal said post game. “But kudos to Reggie and Ray.”

Moments later, Charles Barkley chimed in to one-up Shaq, like only he can, telling TNT’s audience: “Just for the record, you couldn’t play in today’s game. They shoot threes, you wouldn’t even be in the game today. Rudy Gobert would dominate you. Leave it alone, Petty White”.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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