Shannon Sharpe Likes Tweet Comparing Skip Bayless To ‘Weird Al’ Amid Break-Up Report

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A report that Shannon Sharpe negotiated a buyout to leave FS1 and Undisputed prompted him to like disparaging tweets about his co-host Skip Bayless.

Specifically, Sharpe liked a post likening Bayless to “Weird Al” Yankovic and himself to James Brown. He also favored a tweet accusing Bayless of growing jealous of his supposed stardom:

Update: Shapre added a tweet calling Bayless a “piece of sh*t” to his likes after the show Thursday:

Suffice to say the split is not amicable, at least in the mind of Sharpe.

Tensions between the two were evident on-air, with both taking personal shots at each other over the past six months.

In December, Bayless told Sharpe that Tom Brady “was way better” than him to suggest Sharpe’s criticism of Brady was in envy.

Later, Sharpe skipped an episode of Undisputed in protest of Bayless’ — benign — tweet about Damar Hamlin.

Still, it’s both immature and unprofessional for Sharpe to respond by liking tweets belittling his co-host. Liking such tweets is shooting inside the tent, letting personal feelings boil over in a public setting.

Companies should not allow it.

Perhaps the virality of Sharpe’s Twitter activity will expedite his departure, which is planned for the end of the NBA Finals later this month.

Bayless doesn’t seem like the type of guy to sit across from a co-worker who liked tweets comparing him to Weird Al.

In fact, Skip was likely unbeknownst to the tweets when he and Sharpe appeared on air together Thursday.

Expect FS1 to finalize the opposition chair by the start of football season. The network could elect to replace Sharpe full-time, likely with another former athlete. Or, they could choose to go the First Take route by replacing him with a rotation of analysts.

Bayless undoubtedly sees his counterpart, Stephen A. Smith, succeed without a permanent co-host since booting Max Kellerman off the show in 2021.

Said route could appeal to Skip, who’s enough of a draw to lead the show himself.

As for Sharpe, look for him to explore digital media opportunities. And to work on his insults.

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