Shannon Sharpe Sets Deion Sanders Straight After Complaining Only One HBCU Player Was Drafted

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Shannon Sharpe thinks Deion Sanders is completely off base with his complaints about one HBCU player being taken in the NFL Draft.

The Colorado head coach tweeted he was “ashamed” of the league after former Jackson State player Isaiah Bolden was the only HBCU player to hear his name called.

For some reason, Deion Sanders set aside his normally very rational thinking and claimed more HBCU players should have gone without providing any proof. Sharpe hit back in a big way.

During the Monday episode of “Undisputed,” Sharpe laid out his response to Sanders’ claim about HBCUs and didn’t hold back.

“Who are the players and what round should they have been drafted in? … Who are the players that should have been drafted from the HBCUs and what rounds should they have been drafted? Skip, this is not affirmative action … The NFL is a business. The NFL, if I don’t give a damn what color you are, you can help us win, that’s why they take guys with questionable character. They don’t care. They want to win. Pro sports is a bottom line business. The only two things on the menu are wins and losses,” Sharpe responded.

The former NFL star, who played his college ball at an HBCU, was also quick to point out most of the top players taken in the draft were black, something Sanders seemed to ignore. You can watch his full comments below.

Shannon Sharpe is correct on this issue against Deion Sanders.

As I wrote Monday on OutKick, the FCS simply isn’t loaded with NFL talent like Power Five programs are. Only 10 FCS players were drafted.

That’s not many, and historically speaking, HBCUs aren’t where most of the FCS talent is located. There’s no grand conspiracy.

The best players in America are playing in the P5, followed by the G5, then FCS powers and then the rest of the talent is scattered around America.

If you’re not good enough to play P5 college football, you’re almost certainly not going to the NFL. As Shannon Sharpe pointed out, Deion Sanders should name names and the exact spot they should have been drafted. Better yet, name the players who were drafted who shouldn’t have been.

Deion Sanders faces backlash after complaining about only one HBCU player getting drafted. Shannon Sharpe pushed back. (Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The majority of the NFL is black, and as Sharpe noted, all that matters is winning. If you’re good enough to help a franchise win, you’ll be on a roster. It’s that simple, and when you look at the race of the players picked, it’s clear the NFL doesn’t care at all whether you’re white or black – only if you’re a good player.

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