Charles Barkley & Shannon Sharpe Strongly Agree On Important Topic: Men Shouldn’t FaceTime Other Men

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Over the past few days, Shannon Sharpe and Charles Barkley have sparked an intense debate: is it OK for a man to FaceTime with another man? Both Sharpe and Barkley came out strongly against the notion.

First, Charles Barkley said it during the NBA Finals pregame show.

“You know dudes don’t FaceTime each other, that’s inappropriate,” Barkley said as a message to Shaq, who apparently tries to FaceTime with Chuck.

Then, Shannon Sharpe went on a rant about Aaron Rodgers’ negative comments about the Green Bay Packers. One of the things Rodgers mentioned is that he gets no cell service, so people need to FaceTime him.

Sharpe did not appreciate that commentary.

“What grown man FaceTimes with another grown man?! I ain’t trying to see you like that!” Sharpe exclaimed.

Charles Barkley, Shannon Sharpe split OutKick staff with “FaceTime Debate”

To be honest, this debate splintered the OutKick staff. I posed the question on a group channel and I couldn’t believe the responses. Usually, you have a majority vs. a minority.

In this case, I think the room was genuinely split in half.

OutKick’s leader, Clay Travis, is generally “no” on the FaceTime debate. However, he offers a very important caveat.

“I only FaceTime with my kids,” Travis said. “And Matt Leinart. But I demand that Matt is topless.”

For me, I am on team “No FaceTime.”

I hate FaceTime in general, but I think OutKick editor Anthony Farris said it best: “FaceTime should only be used when trying to talk to/see kids and/or elderly people. Otherwise, I’m not interested.”

Another editor, Matt Wiley, doesn’t like FaceTime between just two people.

“I’ve never done one-on-one FaceTime,” Wiley said. “I’ll do a group thing with four or more, but never two or three.”

Charles Barkley, Shannon Sharpe split OutKick staff with "FaceTime Debate"
Charles Barkley, Shannon Sharpe split OutKick staff with “FaceTime Debate” (Photo credits: Getty Images)

OutKick writers Grayson Weir and Geoff Clark, along with technical engineer Ryan Fisher, are all pro-FaceTime.

“Yes [FaceTime with another man is OK], but not if it could be said in a text,” Weir said. “Though, the same goes for a phone call.”

That’s an important point, perhaps one worth delving into in a deeper piece. Please do not call me if the information can be shared via text. Unless it is absolutely urgent. And it better be important.

OutKick’s Joe Kinsey, founder and commissioner of the Thursday Night Mowing League, makes an exception for league members.

“FaceTime is fine if completely necessary like when showing your friend the stripes you just laid on league night,” Kinsey said.

OutKick writer Alejandro Avila says that not FaceTiming with another man might be a sign that you’re the ultimate man.

“Imagine being so alpha you refuse to communicate with the boys,” Avila said.

Other men weigh-in on this very important debate

Since the question split the room, I had to pose it to some of my other friends. I threw it out to a group chat and got some interesting responses.

“Apply male bathroom etiquette to FaceTime,” Aaron Craig wrote. “If it’s something important enough to actually make eye contact or have a conversation about in a men’s room, then a FaceTime could be ok. Everything else, no. Follow the etiquette.”

Another friend, JD, said that intention is the key.

“Does he have a baby or a Lamborghini to brag about?” JD said, quizzically. “I think men’s biggest thing is generally ‘is this practical?’ A phone call only requires my ears. FaceTime requires my full attention.”

FaceTime logo
To FaceTime or not to FaceTime? (Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

For yet another — who wanted to remain nameless due to the sensitive nature of his comment, so let’s call him “Rob” — said an incoming FaceTime from one of his buddies only means one thing.

“I’m going to be honest,” “Rob” said, “I’ve never gotten a video call from a man unless he was naked and immediately showed his junk.”

Whoa. A bit of TMI there and “Rob” probably needs to find some new friends.

Another guy in that same group chat, let’s call him “Scott,” says that he only uses FaceTime for one thing: “I’m only FaceTiming with another man if I’m naked and immediately show him my junk.”

OK, so I guess we figured out which friend “Rob” needs to replace.

There you have it.

Debate amongst yourselves, take to social media, comment below.

Good luck coming to an agreement!

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