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Shane Beamer Would Love To See Scrimmages Against Opposing Teams In Spring Or Fall Camp

There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in the college football world at the moment, but South Caroline head coach Shane Beamer has one proposal most fans would agree with: scrimmage another team during spring or fall camp rather than host an intramural spring game.

Having two teams play an exhibition game during spring practice has long been thought of as a way to get fans interested in April football. If anything, it would be another money making opportunity for these schools, especially if it was an FBS vs. FCS type game. We don’t need two heavyweights playing against each other, but give us something.

The days of fans getting overly excited for a spring football game are done. We’ve seen attendance start to drop for these spring games, which are essentially a glorified team practice.

Shane Beamer talked about this idea on an appearance on Sirius XM’s College Football program.

“I would love to see in either spring practice or the month of August where we could actually scrimmage another college football team. We’re the only sport at any level — high school, college, pro, any sport — that doesn’t get any kind of preseason scrimmage, exhibition game against another team before you go play for real.

“So I’ve been on that soapbox since I was an assistant coach at South Carolina back in 2007-2010,” Beamer added. “Hasn’t happened, don’t know if it ever will, but that’s the one thing I’d love to see.”

Thank you, Coach Beamer. I know the likelihood of this every happening is pretty slim at the moment, but an intermural matchup would be so much more enjoyable than what we have now. At the moment, most schools put on a spring game for television purposes and to bolster recruitment.

Now with the ongoing transfer portal saga, spring recruiting periods and the everyday grind of college football, change seems unlikely anytime soon.

But if one team would just get the train on the tracks, maybe we can get this thing rolling and others would hop on. I am all for it. It would be nice to get excited about a spring football game again.



Written by Trey Wallace

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