Sexual Frustration To Blame For Tennis Star’s Struggles

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Nick Kyrgios, the young Australian tennis player, can’t quite hit a tennis ball the same if he’s not hitting.

For most people, extended time away from their spouse can lead to some pining. For some, it’s emotionally; others mentally; a rare few spiritually; and for nearly all, sexually.

Kyrgios fell into the last camp when he admitted on his podcast that not being able to train with his real-life partner(s) off the court led to a decline in his performance … on the court.

“With my first girlfriend, I was away from her for six months at a time,” Kyrgios said on the No Boundaries podcast.

“When you’re trying to perform at the highest level, you start missing someone like emotionally, physically and it becomes a sexual frustration.”

Kyrgios wasn’t shy in admitting that the pent-up desire spearheaded his worst performances.

“I’m on court and I can’t play because I’m a bit horny, if you know what I mean,” Kyrgios said.

Considering the hot-headed player’s affinity for hotties, the time apart at fault for his faults may be more apparent after observing the lineup.

Kyrgios’ history of dating includes Alja Tomljanovic …

Anna Kalinskaya …

… and current partner Chiara Passari.

According to the New York Post, the peak of the 26-year-old Australian’s career was in the top-15 ranked players worldwide in 2016 — which may only be a byproduct of hours and hours of extra training.

Kyrgios has yet to reclaim a spot back with the top-tiered tennis players in the world in recent years. He also went vegan in 2020 but has not considered the change in dieting a hindrance to his performance.

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