Former Google Exec Claims AI Sex Robots Will Feel ‘Alive’

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Will sex robots become so advanced that people won’t be able to tell they’re not real humans?

It sounds like it’s possible, according to former Google research and development executive Mo Gawdat.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. Everyone seems interested in figuring out how AI might impact their job and any other part of their lives.

Well, it sounds like sex robots could replace relationships for some people.

Will sex robots ever replace real people? (Credit: Getty Images)

Will AI sex robots replace real interactions?

Gawdat speculated on the “Impact Theory” podcast that AI will cause a “redesign of love and relationships” to the point people won’t know what sexual encounters are real and which ones are with AI, according to the New York Post.

“Just think about all of the illusions that we’re now unable to decipher…But if we can convince you that this sex robot is alive, or that sex experience in a virtual reality headset or an augmented reality headset is alive, it’s real, then there you go,” Gawdat explained, according to the same report.

Will AI sex robots feel “alive”? (Credit: Getty Images)

“If we think a few years further and think of Neuralink and other ways of connecting directly to your nervous system, and why would you need another being in the first place … It’s all signals in your brain that you enjoy companionship, and sexuality, and — if you really want to take the magic out of it — it can be simulated,” the former Google executive further added.

This isn’t a positive development.

Remember a couple weeks back when I said dating apps were destroying young people’s ability to communicate? That column had a warm response and lots of people agreed that apps were absolutely causing a decline in communication skills.

Well, sex robots replacing humans is the same argument but on steroids when it comes to human development.

This is a terrible idea, and shouldn’t be allowed. It absolutely can’t be allowed.

Will sex robots replace the real thing? (Credit: Getty Images)

To make the matter more concerning, Gawdat argued it might not really matter whether or not a person can even tell the difference.

“We get lost in those conversations of are they alive are they sentient, doesn’t matter if my brain believes they are, they are,” the tech genius explained on the podcast, according to the same report.

Yeah, it does matter. It matters a lot. The real world isn’t “Westworld.” We can’t just suspend the laws of nature and start having relationships with robots. What if the robots turn on us? What if the robots decide they don’t actually like human sexual interactions and view it as a threat? That’s more or less the plot of the first two seasons of “Westworld,” and we all saw how that ended.

Hard pass on AI-powered sex robots replacing humans. Hard pass. None of us should be in support of handing over our lives to robots. No chance in hell.

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