Seth Meyers Claims Rihanna Drank Him Under A Table

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You’re likely in huge trouble if you find yourself in a case race against Rihanna.

The popular singer is one of the most popular women in the world, and she’s reached a little bit of a legendary status where everyone seems to have a story about her.

Well, Meyers might have one of the best.

Rihanna can apparently drink a lot more than Seth Meyers. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Several years ago, Meyers and Rihanna did one of his day drinking stunts for “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and the host of the show appeared to get bombed.

We’re not talking about a little buzz. He appeared to get crushed like you do when your favorite team wins or loses a championship game.

Now, Meyers has revealed it’s the drunkest he ever got during a day drinking stunt. However, Rihanna was hardly impacted.

“Rihanna was the drunkest I’ve ever been I think, and it was worth every second of it…We drank the same amount and then she definitely went out. Like, she was fine. She walked out, she looked as good as she did when we started. I went home, immediately fell asleep in the hallway of my apartment. Got in the door, fell asleep. My wife passive-aggressively, James, put a water next to my head and went to bed,” Meyers told James Corden during a recent interview.

The legend of Rihanna grows.

Lots of people might think playing the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of a person’s music career. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not.

We’ll let the historians figure that one out. What I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt is that Rihanna hammer brews and drinks and hardly being impacted while Seth Meyers passed out is unbelievably funny.

Her entire persona is that she’s a badass renegade. Apparently, the persona is entirely real. She literally did the exact opposite of Nick Swardson’s standup bit about women not being able to drink as much as men.

We need more Rihanna drinking stories ASAP. OutKick might have to organize a case race and invite her as a celebrity player. If she throws them back in such a fashion it puts Seth Meyers to sleep, then she’s welcome to party with us whenever she wants.

Written by David Hookstead

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