Bet Rihanna to Shine Like a Diamond at Halftime

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This article was written by my wife… just kidding, but I did consult her a bit on some of this because she follows music significantly more than I do. Her idea of the Super Bowl focuses completely around halftime performance. She gets excited about a lot of performers and while Rihanna isn’t one of her favorites, she is a fan and looking forward to it. If you want to keep it interesting for yourself – here are some potential bets to make. You’ll likely need to find and offshore book to get these down.

I love Rihanna personally – she kind of had a crazy period, but before that, she was definitely on my hall pass list. I’ve moved on, which I’m sure she’s very disappointed about, but hopefully, she can move forward and put on a great show. I’m going to start with one I have no clue about what color dress or shirt will she have on to start the show. The favorite is black and that just doesn’t seem right to me. I wish I had an idea, but I think Silver or Grey is more likely at +500. Black is a common and safe color, but Rihanna has some good color choices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a purple or something bright. Yellow/Gold at +600 is a good option as well. I may put $25 down on Gold.

This one seems like a gimmie – Rihanna exposes butt cheek on stage. This is somewhat of a manager’s discretion, but I reviewed most of her performances – for scientific purposes, of course. She wears a lot of dresses, but nothing that I’d say is overly exposing. I still think that she eventually gets into some sort of bikini bottom. They are in Arizona, she will be dancing and moving around, she will want to show off her post-baby body, and quite frankly, she has a great butt. So, yes, a cheek will be exposed. I’m taking the yes at -130.

Just a quick one to touch on here – will she wear a necklace at any point? Yes is -500. That’s the correct side. However, I wanted to mention if the wording at your book is when she first comes on stage, there could be some value on the no. In the performances I’ve seen, it is about 65% with one on. So if there is something like +300 for no, there could be value. But, as far as the way this is written, the Yes is one of those ones that you bet a ton on and then question how it could’ve been possible for this to lose.

As far as what her first song will be – some places have taken this down already, but these markets tend to come and go so I’ll share my opinion. Don’t Stop the Music is one of her songs that will be able to get people up and keep the vibe high. I’ve heard Lift Me Up as a possibility, but I’m not going to take that one. I think it is too slow and even though it is her most recent song, I don’t think I’ll play that one. That would be followed up What’s My Name, but it doesn’t really have a good intro and Drake has the first verse in that song. So, I don’t like it, but it kind of aligns with what Jennifer Lopez did with Jenny from the Block. The most logical choice here is Diamonds at +220. If you watch the music video, it starts with some nice noise to lead into her singing. You can almost picture the stadium pitch black and then diamonds of camera flashes going off and her starting the performance with “Shine bright… Shine bright like a diamond” and then appearing. If you can find this at a book, I’d take it at +220. Silver would make sense as an outfit if this is her first song.

Those are the plays I like most for the Super Bowl with Rihanna. Either way, I do think this should be a fun show.

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Written by David Troy

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