Update: Georgia Runoffs Called, Democrats to Control Senate

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UPDATE 4:26 p.m. ET: Jon Ossoff defeats David Perdue (R), as first called by the AP.

Original story follows:

Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler (D) in one of the two 2021 Georgia runoffs, based on projections from multiple news outlets. While the race between Jon Ossoff (D) and David Perdue (R) is deemed too close to call, Ossoff has claimed victory

As of 10:45 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Ossoff leads Perdue by 17,000 votes and experts predict he will close the deal to give Democrats a 2-0 record in the 2021 Georgia runoffs. 

An Ossoff win would split the U.S. Senate 50-50 with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris settling the tie, giving the Democrats control.

For the country’s sake, it’s concerning when one party — in this case, the Democrats — controls the House, Senate, and White House because it means power is split disproportionately. With threats of court-packing and statehood for the District of Columbia and for Puerto Rico, both of which would likely ensure Democratic power beyond Joe Biden’s time in the White House.

Republican support in Georgia has decreased since November’s election. In November, Perdue received more votes than Ossoff, but with 49.73%, Perdue fell slightly short of the needed majority. And though Warnock had more votes than Loeffler, 20% of votes went to Republican Doug Collins. Together, Republicans Loeffler and Collins received 46% of the vote to Warnock’s 33%. (Nearly 7% went to Democrat Deborah Jackson). 

Check back for updates and the official call on the second Georgia runoff.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. This loss is the product of Trump’s post-election behavior and all of the idiotic “stop the steal” Trump supporters. Thanks to Trump’s ego and the drones that support every increasingly deranged impulse we will now have at least two years of Democrats in total control of our government.

    I voted for Trump and was upset that he lost. But now that he decided to burn everything down on the way out I will never again support him or anyone closely aligned with him.

    • You may be right but I also think the country is so divided that we cannot reconcile. Also DC is so corrupt that we have reached a point of no return where gov is now parasitic and aristocratic. We see it in the lockdowns. Democrats don’t mind and are ready for authoritarianism while others are not and are ready to fight and keep their freedoms.

    • I’ve grown to have the same feelings.

      The last two months have had me question Trump’s motives. Trump getting recorded right before these Georgia elections was enough sway in a 50/50ish state to push it in favor of the Democrats.

      Trump isn’t stupid. He’s not saying those things on a recorded conversation unless he wanted that out there. That was intentional. He wanted that out there right before these run offs.

      Trump has built himself as a Savior to much of the Right. Yet, for all the talk about Left vs Right conflict, Trump is leaving the presidency with the Right in disarray fighting one another.

      Tread carefully.

    • I agree the loss is product of Trump’s behavior. The leftists are clearly scripting a false narrative around everything Trump does (saying his call to Georgia secretary of State was worse than watergate, for example), but still I wish Trump had handled this better. If, after Novembers election, Trump had rallied people around keeping America Great by winning the Georgia senate seats, this would have prevented Democrats from gaining complete control of everything. Instead Trump made it all about himself. I believe like many others that big tech conspired to slander Trump before the November election but I still hope that next time the Republicans get a candidate more adept at dealing with this world of manipulation we are in. A candidate like Tucker Carlson or Ben Shapiro.

      • Trump gave the media a gift by making that phone call. One of many unforced errors by Trump. Of course the media is going to get as much mileage as they can out of it. Trump should be smart enough to avoid giving them that opportunity. He isn’t.

  2. I don’t understand how the voters in Georgia could vote for communists like Warnock and Osoff. Especially anyone who earns more than $100,000 per year. Mind numbingly stupid. My other point is that the sky is not falling. Both Obama and Trump had majority control of both House and Senate their first two years in office and the sky didn’t fall either way. Take a deep breath and chill it is all going to be ok.

  3. Social Media brainwashing is the only reason these men were elected. I think Democrats are brainwashed into woke ideaology abd socialism and Republicans were brainwashed to not vote as a sign of protest.

    All in all if America keeps electing people that want to eliminate freedom, distribute resources on and account of race, and move towards socialism then we are on the road to hell.

  4. “For the country’s sake, it’s concerning when one party — in this case, the Democrats — controls the House, Senate, and White House because it means power is split disproportionately. With threats of court-packing and statehood for the District of Columbia and for Puerto Rico, both of which would likely ensure Democratic power beyond Joe Biden’s time in the White House.”

    This is rich considering the past eight years of Republican senate majority control. Sounds to me like you’re listening too much to the republican fearporn.

  5. I am truly surprised at the comments here, blaming Trump for everything. Sidney Powell has a sterling reputation as a truth finder and a fighter for justice, and she vehemently swears there was massive vote stealing. How many people testified in state after state of fraud? How many affidavits were filed, UNDER OATH, of fraud? Shoot, at least two mathematical geniuses have come and said, it is statistically impossible for Biden to have one, and have demonstrated that statistical probability. Not one court case made it to the courts so that evidence of fraud could be shown. Not. One.

    And now, it is TRUMP’s fault???

    • Sidney Powell does not have a sterling reputation. And just because she believes something doesn’t make it true. Trump’s legal team is a bunch of crackpots. Lin Wood wants Mike Pence to be tried for treason. Do you agree with that?

    • It’s not that I blame Trump for everything. It’s just that I think a leader with skills like Tucker Carlson or Ben Shapiro would have done better with the situation we are in. I am speaking as a former Democrat. The Democratic party is completely corrupt, and like Clay says, we are in a cold war. I am in no way blaming Trump for the malicious media manipulations, I am only saying I think there exist leaders who are more adept at dealing with the media. I personally would like to avoid a Civil War. I personally would have rather someone try to point a light on the Democrats corruption over the next several years and possibly had Trump run again in four years. Now I prefer Trump does not run in four more years (assuming we still have a country in four years)

      For the Trump supporters who are storming the Capitol, I hope they go to prison for a long time if not the rest of their lives. I say this realizing that they may very well believe this moment is worth sacrificing their lives for, but I myself have not yet reached the point where I think it is worth giving my life for (It is possible I do reach that point, but not yet) I still think we can save our country. We can still defeat the woke brigade and save our country.

  6. I sure liked Trumps policies reduced taxes, business regulation, control of the border ,renewing trade deals in favor of America and did it all for free donated his entire salary for the 4 years. His personality i could care less not dating the guy i’ve always said good policy is good policy no matter which side will see how we all like the biden harris deal as time goes on.

  7. So Georgia elects a black racist who wants white people to apologize for their whiteness. Well, he can kiss my big white ass.
    Never forget, blacks can be racist, and the media will cover for them.

  8. Oh, the double standards. Antifa & BLM mobs torched cities over the summer, and the media was mostly silent, and no correlation was made to Democrats who supported them. Today, a group of wacko extremists in Trump garb invade the Capitol, and they somehow represent all Trump voters. No, most Trump voters feel the same about those idiots as the Antifa/BLM mobs. They should all go to prison (unlike the Antifa/BLM rioters were). If these were Biden supporters, this would be a one day story, and the CNN panels would be blaming Trump for causing the uprising.

    The November election was fraudulent, and anyone who bothered to look at the ALL the facts, depositions, video & statistics (which the courts did not) would conclude such. The GA Republican governor & AG allowing mail in ballots without signature verification kept a lot of voters home, as did the Repub Senate blocking the $2K stimulus bill. Hopefully, Mancin & a few other moderate Dems will down vote any extreme proposals.

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