Big 12 Reaches New Level of Desperate With Latest Offer to Oklahoma, Texas

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During a Thursday night conference call between programs in the Big 12, not named Oklahoma or Texas, commissioner Bob Bowlsby responded to the heightened concerns over losing two premier schools to the SEC conference.

The solution put forward to incentivize UT and OU into staying was a proposed increase in share ownership — bumping both programs a half-share — which would result in $80 million in earnings off the estimated 1.5 shares of total revenue.

What is seen as a last-ditch effort to retain both Oklahoma and Texas, the proposal is set to increase earnings from the $37 million average among Big 12 schools, to $56 million for the two schools. 

Saturday’s reporting of Bowlsby’s offer cited potential earnings from a move to the SEC at $60 million, should Oklahoma and Texas follow through on their bid to create a 16-team conference.

However, the path en route to the SEC still remains in question. According to college football writer Dennis Dodd, “the Big 12 powers would owe the conference as much as $80 million each should they leave before the current TV rights deal expires.”

Lifting the curtain on their intentions to leave the Big 12 in favor of the SEC, OU and UT will be discussing next steps with the commissioner on Monday. Based on the interest in a new conference expressed by both programs, it appears that Bowlsby may be burning bridges before he gets to burn a hole in the conference purse.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. Not sure how that’s “pathetic”. If my math is correct… which is a big “if” with my TN education… the other eight institutions stand to collect $32.375mil/year. Considerably less than the $55mil/year Ut and oU would earn, but still far more than any one institution would earn in the AAC, MWC or possibly even Pac-??? ( whatever it would become). Seems like a no-brainer. Keep the conference together and wait for the next ransom, I suppose. Great traditions and rivalries exist in that conference. Just because they may not mean anything to SEC, and B1G fans doesn’t mean they’re inconsequential to the fans that tune into watch B12 games.

  2. Anyone want to bet that this news was released just before Jimbo Fisher’s time at the podium during SEC Media Days wasn’t planned? A&M was blindsided, in opposition to what Paul Finebaum said yesterday, and wanted to create an uncomfortable situation for the SEC office.

    A&M wants to remain the only SEC school in the conference.

    I’m hopeful that TU isn’t brought in. Their history of ruining every conference they touch, Big 12 and SWC, certainly suggests they’ll attempt to ruin the SEC.

      • Agreed. Texas struggles to consistently beat TCU, K State, Iowa St and West Virginia, all except for Iowa State recently are middle of the pack Big 12 and SEC level teams. Currently, Tex A&M, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma are miles ahead of Texas. Throw in Auburn every 3rd year or so and that leaves Texas around 7th or 8th, the same place as now in the Big 12 middling. That being said, this has nothing to do with wins and losses its all about $$$$.

  3. Fuck Dennis Dodd. Why are you quoting this loser? He predicted there would be deaths in college football last year. To my knowledge he has never answered for that. National College sports writers generally but especially football are the worst of the worst losers. Of the top 10 most recognizable names 7 of them didn’t want the season to happen. Not just that, they are the definition of useful idiots. They don’t investigate anything. They are fed information that someone else wants “leaked”.

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