Chaos Unfolds As Seahawks Punter Completely Forgets How To Punt On Epic Fail Fake, Taysom Hill Recovers Fumble

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The Seahawks ran the worst fake punt of the year on Sunday. It may not have been intentional.

During their game in New Orleans, Seattle lined up to punt at its own 20(ish)-yard-line. What happened next was a total disaster.

Michael Dickson took the snap at the five-yard-line and completely forgot how to play football. He ran up on his approach and went to kick the ball away, but just didn’t. Instead, he tucked the ball and started to take off down field before almost immediately getting crushed.

It was bizarre. Based on how the Seahawks were blocking in coverage, and how confused Dickson was, the play did not appear to be a designed fake.

It looks like the defense was crashing in, Dickson ran out of room to kick, and panicked. Or he thought he saw a hole and tried to take things into his own hands.

Whatever the reason, the Seattle Seahawks punt was extremely unsuccessful.

In the process of getting licked, Dickson fumbled and sent the ball bouncing onto the turf with no one around. The Saints jumped all over it and the most unique of players came up with the loose ball— Taysom Hill.

Hill, who is something of a Swiss-Army Knife for New Orleans, does it all. He plays tight end, fullback, quarterback, and is on special teams.

It makes him one of the most interesting players in the league and his stat line from Sunday reflects that notion. Hill not only recovered a fumble on special teams on Sunday, he also was accountable for four touchdowns.

Hill scored three times on the ground.

The third of the day went for 60 yards.

He also scored once through the air.

His final stats were crazy.

Hill’s fumble recovery in the second quarter directly resulted in his own touchdown. Although there might not be any way to be 100% sure, it’s safe to say that has never happened before in NFL history— a player recovering a fumble and then scoring on the proceeding possession. Wild stuff!

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