UFC Champ Destroys Andrew Tate During Passionate Rant: ‘Piece Of Sh*t’

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UFC star Sean Strickland isn’t a fan of Andrew Tate, and he has no problem making that crystal clear.

Strickland is fresh off winning the middleweight belt after a shocking and incredible win over Israel Adesanya at UFC 293.

However, that’s not what he’s in the news for at the moment. He’s going viral for some comments he shared about online influencer Andrew Tate.

To put it simply. He’s not impressed with Tate, who is facing rape and human trafficking charges in Romania.

Sean Strickland rips Andrew Tate during blunt rant. (Photo by MIHAI BARBU/AFP via Getty Images)

Sean Strickland wrecks Andrew Tate.

“Here’s the thing about Andrew Tate. As young men I could see why you guys look up to him because you are moralless men. You have no values, you have no positive male role models. So, you latch onto a piece of sh*t like Tate, who has money, who has women, and say, ‘I want to be like Tate. All my problems in the world, they’re because women are f*cking men,'” Strickland said when appearing on the “Full Send Podcast.”

He also took aim at Tate’s history of running cam girls and begged young men to find better role models to admire over a person he considers a “con artist.”

“Andrew Tate, you guys, if you want to look up to someone, look up to a guy like Jordan Peterson. He understands masculinity, honesty, how to be a f*cking man, but I’m telling you, Andrew Tate, he’s not your messiah. He would turn you out for a dollar. He’s a f*cking pimp. He’s a whore,” the UFC champion added.

Strickland’s feelings on Tate are very clear.

Sean Strickland couldn’t have been more blunt than what he shared. He thinks Tate is a con artist, and it’s that simple.

Not only does the UFC star think Andrew Tate is a con artist, he thinks he’s a “piece of sh*t” who shouldn’t be admired or looked up to.

Strickland isn’t alone in that stance. Many on the right, the side that seems to have embraced Tate the most, also push back against the idea he’s a hero. It is a bit strange the side that preaches morals and such has so many people embracing a man who ran cam girls and is facing rape and human trafficking charges (innocent until proven guilty, of course).

UFC star Sean Strickland destroys Andrew Tate with powerful rant. (Photo by DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images)

Tate also seems to enjoy challenging people to fights. Something tells me he’s not going to do that with Sean Strickland. A fight between Tate and Strickland would be over in seconds, and it wouldn’t go well for the online influencer. I’m sure Andrew Tate will fire back, but I’d recommend being careful engaging with a man who could change your life forever in the worst of ways.

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