Sean Payton Reveals Timeline For Possible NFL Decision

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An outcome on Sean Payton’s coaching future might be known in the coming days.

Payton was believed to be a top candidate for the Broncos, but so far, nothing has come together. A report from last week indicated Payton is actually struggling to land a second interview anywhere and the Broncos might have pivoted elsewhere.

Now, the Super Bowl champion coach has revealed a final decision on his future plan could be known at some point this week.

Will Sean Payton return to the NFL? (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Sean Payton might have a resolution very soon.

“I think in the next week we’re going to know a lot more,” Payton said on the Fox pregame Sunday. When asked whether or not the door was closed on return, the former Saints coach responded, “No, no, no. I think there’s a handful of things still taking place for these coaches and myself.”

Again, it’s important to note there’s a very real chance Sean Payton won’t even have a landing spot to return to the NFL.

Ian Rapoport made it sound last week like the door might not actually be open at all for Payton to return. That’s a far cry from the narrative that fans have been sold for the past couple months.

It looked like it was almost a guarantee Sean Payton would coach again. Yet, nothing has been finalized, and it’s unclear whether or not he even has a single offer on the table.

The Broncos have always made the most sense because of Russell Wilson. The veteran star QB needs to reset his career, and has been in contact with Sean Payton.

However, it doesn’t look like Wilson possibly putting his thumb on the scale has made much impact at all.

Sean Payton says decision on his future plans could come this week. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Will Sean Payton stay on TV or return to the NFL? At this time, it looks like the former is the likely outcome, but fans should have an answer very soon.

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  1. It’s less Payton’s choice than it is the Saints. Their asking price is too high, especially for the Broncos who have limited draft capital. In addition, what Russell Wilson wants should be of zero importance after the season he had. While the hiring of Hackett was an unmitigated disaster, the play of Wilson was not far behind. What offense Wilson thinks he fits in and what he actually fits in are two different things.

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