Sean McVay’s Fiancee Launches An Instagram Content Missile Strike While He’s In Green Bay

Welcome to the offseason, Sean McVay. Your banged-up team limped to the finish line with a 32-18 loss to the Packers after giving up 484 yards of total yards to Aaron Rodgers and company. Aaron Donald played just 39 of 72 snaps, including just 12 in the second half as the Pack pulled away.

Back home in sunny California, McVay’s fiancee, Veronika Khomyn appeared to be reminding everyone what Sean’s offseason will consist of as she launched an Instagram surface-to-air missile right into Sean’s brain. The offseason will be all about marrying this woman, Sean. No more watching NFL for 20 hours straight on the couch.

According to, these two will tie the knot June 25 in California before a honeymoon and then training camp. That means these two will get a vacation in before college players hold their workouts and probably another one before the official Combine. There’s going to be a bachelorette party in there somewhere and one final vacation for these two before the wedding and the honeymoon.

In other words, Sean’s ass is all Veronika’s this offseason.


Let’s take a quick look at the couple’s wedding registry

• Registered at Crate & Barrel, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie and Gearys – Beverly Hills

• Sparkling water carbonator ($219)

• Mauviel cookware set ($2,070)

Sean McVay wedding registry cookware set

• Luggage ($1,610)

• Blender ($500)

• Juicer with Smoothie strainer (on sale! now $382.49)

• Koda pizza oven ($349)

• Steam iron ($119.99)

• Knife set ($3,900)

Sean McVay wedding registry - knives

• Highball glass (1 for $225)

• Serving tray ($395)

Normally, I like to send wedding gifts to athletes, coaches, famous people so they have to send thank you cards to random losers like myself. The purchase choices are slim with the registries they’ve put together. I like to go cheap. I once bought Bret Bielema and his wife an egg timer that you drop into boiling water, but they never sent me a thank you note.

Veronika’s registry choices (let’s be honest, Sean doesn’t care about this stuff) are so high-end that I’m not left with ridiculous items to send. I might just go with a $12.95 wine glass from Crate & Barrel. Just one.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. She is lining up all the high end shit SHE is gonna get to include the house and half of everything he ever got, will get in the ten years to come when she dumps his deal for a fresh wide receiver straight out of the draft after Sean gets fired in LA and rehired as a coordinator in Minnesota. Poor bastard thinks its love. Just wait till she rings up the endless arguements for the very sake of arguement with no point all in the middle of trying to watch film for next week. SHE will be the reason he gets fired and lands in the breezy mid-west. GD I hate this bitch already!

    Run Sean, run as fast as you can. Remember buddy, I told you so.

    • Ah subtle hustle with the voice of reason. It’s something that can certainly be lost in the passion of love or war.

      But yes…Sean should see this either as a warning sign or we will be pouring one out for him after she gets the full power of the state of California behind her.

    • LMAO Subtle…so true…but forget Minny…Mike Zimmer’s got that patch staked out with his 38 y/o g/f Katarina. Also an IG model/influencer. Knew I shoulda went to NFL HC school. You just know it…the eye test…she’s already looking past him in their photos.

      • Shoot I learned more about how the NFL operates this year by not watching football and instead seeing the numerous posts about players/coaches IG model GFs and wives.

        Spend 20 hours a day stressing about coaching or spend your Sundays getting hit by 250 lb linebackers so you can have the money/fame in order to fund your attractive IG wife or GFs trips to various Caribbean Islands in order so they can continue to take another bikini pics (should I do the one where I pull up the bottom part of the suit way up or do the one that shows off the 4000 surgery you paid for?) to placate their 100k horny male followers. Every once in a while they’ll air their grievances at owenership/fans/other players on the team and make you look like a fool.

        I think being an autistic ditch digger sounds nice.

        • Well stated. Pretty much exactly what I was thinking as I read the article & pics.

          I don’t really follow The NFL that much any more … is THIS what HCs are marrying these days. I see this gal as more Wide Receive-type GF.

  2. So…Joe…did you know that “your 20s is the time to immerse yourself in every single thing possible…travel, explore, grow, love a lot, laugh a lot…”
    That should work out fine with a guy who spends 16 hour days at the LAR complex.
    Hope it works out, but an IG model from Ukraine…not trying to put the stink eye on the lovebirds…you’ll let us know how the wine glass from C&B works out?

  3. Her black lives matter IG post is more than enough red flag for me (even more than the 100s of ‘look at my bikini body posts’). This story is just icing on the cake.

  4. These chicks are smokin but, c’mon man! You guys are so right. She’ll toss his naive ass out as soon as she gets bored with him. I guess these guys make and have so much money they don’t care if these insipid, shallow bikini models who are so needy for attention eventually take half their wealth. DJ, care to reply?

  5. Sean is making a huge mistake. Never marry a high-maintenance woman; you will get tired of it after a few years, and then give her half of everything.

    When she is 40, those fake titties won’t look so good.

  6. i can’t focus on this right now.

    I wanna know what coach Deshaun Watson selects in the Head Coaching draft. Watson is the Instagram model of the NFL.

    imagine being an employee with the right to choose who your coaches/bosses are?


    imagine being the coach selected by a player on a football team. how the F does that works (other than basketball)?

  7. in California, you can BE separated and divorving, and still live in the same house. its the most upside down ridiculous system, that only California could come up with.

    McVey has no idea what its like to share a house with your ex; and then she brings home a date to spend the night.

    why anyone would get married in Cali (or elsewhere) is a mystery to me. next time i do it, my spouse will sign a contract and put down a large deposit 🤨

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